Your first memories in MSX gaming

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Por djh1697

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06-07-2014, 18:03

Pacmania and Manic Miner in 1984

Por Retrofan

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06-07-2014, 20:21

My father traded his guitar for a Philips MSX2 VG-8235 back then in the 90's. Very cool! I played Metal Gear a lot and Penguin Adventure. Still very nice graphics these days!

Por edoz

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06-07-2014, 20:41

Por SLotman

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07-07-2014, 02:16

The first time I saw a MSX was at a friend's house, and he was playing Jackie Chan in Project A (Sold in Brazil as "Karateka")

My previous console was an Odyssey2, so it was pretty amazing to me to see that game, and MSX went straight into the top of my X-mas list that year :)

Por wernerkai

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07-07-2014, 02:43

River Raid and Antarctic Adventure

Por wernerkai

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07-07-2014, 03:04

For sure, we'll never know.

But I have a good guess. Gradiente and EPCOM (Brazilian Sharp) used to translate the names of the games. Most are plain translations:


For some others, not so:


In the case of SKY JAGUAR, maybe they choose COLUMBIA for the resemblance of the player's ship with the Space Shuttle. Note that JAGUAR is also the Portuguese word for the large cat.

Por Samor

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07-07-2014, 11:43

we started out with MSX2.
The first game we had was Chopper II.

Por gamemastermaarten

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10-07-2014, 18:41

Since the first time at the retro video games fair. At Hardewijk Netherlands. I found an custom bubble bobble player stand. I play this game. And I don't know that this an rare video game item. That say the guy's on this stand to my Mother. I was 16 years old. And I don't know how rare the Japanese video games items they are. MSX have the most rarest japanese items from japan. Because the famicom did it better then the MSX but since 2010 I collect the japanese videogame items. And eventually MSX Crying

Por mesiasmsx

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13-07-2014, 16:43

Rollerball , and H in one (Golf) in pirate tape from Onaki ,with 13 old years, in the nms 8220 from my brother.

Por amigaman07

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19-07-2014, 15:22

My First Ever MSX Machine was the Mitsubishi MLF48 (Silver in Colour), in about 1986, this was a 32K rendition of the Black MLF80 (64k).

My First Game was "NEMESIS 2" on ROM, which i recall playing for Many, Many, Many, probaby TOO Many, Weeks, Not Hours or Days!!!

I have Fond Memories of Crashing my Ship, as I was about to hit a New all time High Score, then Grabbing the Cart, Pulling it out of the Computer (yes, whilst Still Powered Up) and Throwing it against the Wall, BANG!@#%? (and rather Hard too!)

The Bloo*y thing Never Broke, nor did the Computer! Wink (MSX component Quality there for you)

I later moved on to the more Relaxing "GOONIES" ROM (cant get the Tune out of my Head now!)

My Fave Games back then were F1 Spirit, HYLIDE 3, R-TYPE and Kings Valley, i believe I owned almost 300 MSX Games back then and was Published in a local (UK) MSX Mag in 1990, as they could not believe I had soooo many MSX Games!!!

I currently have just over a mere 70 MSX Games.

Darren (amigaman07) In AUST

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