WTS European Konami Normal box and small box!

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Por Shrapnel

Resident (38)

Imagen del Shrapnel

12-11-2014, 19:10

I could be interested in some complete games, but I honestly have no idea how much they could be worth. =P
I've just (re)started collecting MSX games and I'm not up-to-date on market values, so... could you please contact me and give me some prices for your complete titles? I don't want to under- or over-offer, that would be embarrassing. =D

Por floppiefrans

Master (237)

Imagen del floppiefrans

15-11-2014, 14:07

Still left (And new found!):

Penguin Adventure small box complete
Penguin Adventure Normal European box complete
Usas Normal European box complete
Vampire Killer Normal European box complete

Box and cartridge only:
Green Beret small box
Penguin adventure small box
Nemesis 2 small box
F1 Spirit Normal European box

Por lolojapan

Supporter (5)

Imagen del lolojapan

16-11-2014, 17:13

mail sent for penguin adventure complete in small box

have you other games in small box please ?

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