The MSX was sold in Thai!

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Por gdx

Enlighted (5705)

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02-08-2017, 16:49

Another traces of MSX from Thailand. Cartridges sold on ebay:

Por Metalion

Paragon (1565)

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02-08-2017, 18:12

Not sure about that ... The logo on those cartridges is the one from the "Aquarius" computer.

It was a computer pretty close to the Coleco or Intellivision consoles but with weaker graphics.
Maybe those are just ports to the Aquarius computer.

"Of the 32 software titles Mattel announced for the unit, only 21 were released, most of which were ports from Mattel's Intellivision game console. Because of the hardware limitations of the Aquarius (such as a lack of programmable graphics), the quality of many games suffered."

Por Manuel

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02-08-2017, 19:40

All titles are MSX though and there are MSX exclusive screenshots on the labels...

Por Louthrax

Prophet (2432)

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02-08-2017, 20:09

The cartridge connector on the Aquarius computer does not look MSX-like (only 22 pins) but the cartridges and connectors shown here really look like MSX.

I guess they not only stole the game ROMs, but also another company logo instead of creating a new one!

Por rderooy

Paladin (686)

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02-08-2017, 20:12

The Thai "Aquarius" has almost certainly nothing to do with the American Mattel Aquarius. It is a separate company that took the Mattel Aquarius name and logo and used it in Thailand to sell unlicensed games.

Por Manuel

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02-08-2017, 21:51

rderooy: I guess these releases also belong in GenMSX! A Thai company named "Aquarius" releasing these games Smile

Por enribar

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04-08-2017, 15:22

i own 4 aquarius cart and they are releases.
but maybe some games are original thai made.
i updated the gen-msx, maybe in these upcoming vacation days i'll dump my carts to investigate differences between original ones.
carts are closed with screws so i can make photos of boards.

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