How many MSXes do you have and why?

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Por Manuel

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02-12-2015, 14:08

Poltergeist: btw - It's probably a Sony HB-G900AP, right?

Por Poltergeist

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02-12-2015, 15:58

@manuel: Ofourse it is... Don't know where that F came from...

@Louthrax: I've opened the 8235 a few times, and everything kept working after that, so I'm confident that opening it would not be the problem. I do have a problem removing the plastic sheets, though. Never done that, and that's something I'm not confident about... Maybe contacting Bas is not such a bad idea...

Por msxtrd

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02-12-2015, 17:28

OneChip MSX with japanese keyboard and scanline generator.
Panasonic tR FS-A1ST
Sony HB- F700P
Panasonic FS-A1WX
Sony HB- F900 (FDDs ripped out and installed CF slot in front (sunrise IDE) and HxC FDD emulator)
Neo-Zemmix (Just arrived an hour ago from Brazil) :] - must test asap Smile
Spectravideo 738 (Heavy modded to MSX2+, 1MB, FM, RGB.. but unstable and overheats..)
Spectravideo 738 (mint MSX1)
Spectravideo 738 (modified to MSX2 - in pieces)

Why: rid of too much MSX stuff many years ago. Will not happen again Smile. It's a part of my console/gaming collection. MSX has a special spirit Smile.

Por Grauw

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02-12-2015, 18:28

@Poltergeist could try to make sure the keyboard flatcable (if it has one) is correctly inserted. I had a Sanyo where that cable was very fiddly.

Por Josb

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02-12-2015, 21:16

At this moment and for a long time just one: MSX TurboR ST

A few years ago I had four of them but I needed to make room (in my life) Crying

Por yzi

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04-12-2015, 20:46

- Philips NMS-8255 MSX2
- Spectravideo SVI 728 MSX1
- Canon V-20 MSX1
- Panasonic FS-A1ST MSX turbo R
- Sony F1XV MSX2+
- Panasonic FS-A1GT MSX turbo R
- Toshiba HX-10 MSX1

Why? Because I haven't got space and money for more. At least for the time being.

Por djh1697

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05-12-2015, 01:14

My peak MSX collection
- Panasonic TurboR FS-A1-GT
- Sony HBF700 - video output issue
- Philips NMS8280 - Broken front panel
- Philips 8245
- Sony HB75
- Sony HBD50
- One Chip MSX
- Sunrise CF
Sold most of it Smile

Now all i have is a Sony HBF9 MSX2 (a gift)
Emulation is good, but the real thing beats it! I might get a SCC+SD cartridge then I can use those DSK images to load and play games. Question... Does the SCC+SD load DSK images into the flash memory? Could i use it on a MSX1 along with MSXmania disk collection? That would be so cool Wink [Early next year I think!]

I just signed up for a month free trial of Amazon prime, watching the whole of Battlestar Galatia! [sad man!]

Por o0nosferatuo0

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05-12-2015, 02:08

Hi, i've have a few :

Philips NMS 8250, now updated to MSX2+ with 512k and 2nd floppy
Philips NMS 8280, fully original
Sony Hit-Bit 101P
Philips VG-8235
Megaflash SCC
2 Philips External Floppy and cartridge

Por Retrofan

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05-12-2015, 10:54

Just 2 x Panasonic FS-A1ST MSX turbo R 512kB (one boxed, mint condition and for spare) with lots of hardware. Doesn't take much room and I already had a Turbo-R box, so why not fill it with a spare one? Wink I like the gold color used on the LED panel of the ST. I only want the real thing, otherwise I could use BlueMSX or OpenMSX as well...

Por Prodatron

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05-12-2015, 19:12

My collection:
2 x OCM
1 x Panasonic TurboR A1GT
2 x Panasonic TurboR A1ST
1 x Sony HB-F1XV (MSX2+)
1 x Philips NMS-8280 (MSX2, with 7MHz and MSX2+ mod)
1 x Philips NMS-8250 (MSX2)
2 x Philips VG-8235 (MSX2)
1 x Philips VG-8020 (MSX1)

What is on my desk next to my PC and always ready for action is one OCM, the TurboR GT with Graphics 9000 and the 8280. For testing my developments I use the OCM for 90% of the time, 9% the TurboR and sometimes the Philips.

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