How many MSXes do you have and why?

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Por Philip

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05-12-2015, 21:27

Sold all my stuff some time ago, but started to regret it.

I used to have a OCM and a VG8235 with 7mhz and double sided diskdrive.

Now I just bought a humble Sony HB-75P and am playing with cas2wav, microwaver and caslink2.

Por AxelStone

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05-12-2015, 22:34

msxtrd wrote:

OneChip MSX with japanese keyboard and scanline generator.
Panasonic tR FS-A1ST
Sony HB- F700P
Panasonic FS-A1WX
Sony HB- F900 (FDDs ripped out and installed CF slot in front (sunrise IDE) and HxC FDD emulator)
Neo-Zemmix (Just arrived an hour ago from Brazil) :] - must test asap Smile
Spectravideo 738 (Heavy modded to MSX2+, 1MB, FM, RGB.. but unstable and overheats..)
Spectravideo 738 (mint MSX1)
Spectravideo 738 (modified to MSX2 - in pieces)

Why: rid of too much MSX stuff many years ago. Will not happen again Smile. It's a part of my console/gaming collection. MSX has a special spirit Smile.

How does it works the scanline generator with 1Chip? Do you obtain good results?

Por msxtrd

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05-12-2015, 22:58

Por meits

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05-12-2015, 23:05

I like it without scan lines... The graphics are designed without scan lines... It's just the screen that added them...

Por msxtrd

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05-12-2015, 23:19

Well you can't get real scanlines on a LCD so, these are obviously fake Smile. Anyway, the image gets darker and the images look more CRT-ish. It's a matter of taste what people like.

Por Daemos

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05-12-2015, 23:32

I like em both. With the scanlines the image is a little bit more nostalgic

Por -Neo-

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06-12-2015, 00:36

I once owned:

1. A Toshiba HX-10 - My first MSX, broke it when trying to solder a reset button when I was 13 years old and never touched a soldering iron before Smile That was a sad moment but resulted in obtaining my next MSX.
2. A Sony HP-F9P - Gave it away to my sister
3. A HB-F700P converted to MSX2+ & 7Mhz (Sold in 1991 when I wanted to buy a PC).

Since 1992/1993 I have mostly been playing with emulators (started with fMSX) once in a while. I also remember having a DOS program to play MBM files. That was fun Sad). Somewhere around 1999 (if I remember right) I had a first revival and obtained a Philips NMS8255 and bought a Sunrise RS232+IDE interface. Played a bit with it but the jewel was mostly standing idle on the desk in the attic.

Someone within the family is a retro game collector (Nintendo, Neo-Geo AES & MVS etc.) and he somehow got me interested in MSX again this past year. Decided to catch up quickly and expand the collection with:

1x Turbo R GT (Wanted to have one in the early 90's so finally made the dream come true)
3x Turbo R ST (1 defect)
1x OCM
And now awaiting my Zemmix to arrive.

Also decided to make openMSX available on my Media Centres (Kodi/Openelec) in the living room, bedroom and studio. In case I am not in one of these rooms I can always resort to my new GPD XD (handheld Android gaming console) that runs openMSX perfectly (amongst other emus). So I made sure I never have to be without MSX again Smile

Por AxelStone

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06-12-2015, 22:39

Very good result thanks for the pics. Personally I prefer with scanlines since it is more similar to CRT TVs where we played our MSX.

Por msxski

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11-12-2015, 02:50

Just one: Yamaha AX350-II. Sakhr by al-Alamiah, arabic version.

Por Wild_Penguin

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11-12-2015, 20:00

I have four:

  • NMS8255
  • Sony HB-75P
  • Toshiba HX-10 (with a somewhat broken cart connector)
  • Spectravideo SVI-728, Fin/Swe Keyb, J cap missing + cassette player

I used to have a Goldstar FC-200 but sold it. Also had another SVI-728, but I sold that since I already have another one - and also they are flimsy and I don't value them much.

I will get a Zemmix Neo from the next batch.

Do you need some special reason for owning 4-5 MSXes?!???? Big smile

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