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Por Nick Sardelianos

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05-07-2016, 15:01

OK I left this for a few days and it evolved into a Win vs Linux for some reason.
So let's put things back on track.

1) I am talking about Windows. Actually most of my computers are Win 10 x64. Used to have multiboots with Ubuntu or some other (weird minor) OSes, then switched to virtual machines, then not even that except when I need for a reason.

2) I am pretty comfortable with Linux, or any OS out there actually, being in computing since I was 9 which was 33 years ago. Half of those years it's also my job.

3) "Strangely enough" I am also OK with compiling, have a development environment (MSYS, VS, Eclipse etc.) in Windows too. I used to develop once upon a time. Now I need a major refresh before I can say anything close to that.

...but I still prefer to use "official releases" when possible. After all, with official releases:

- They can't blame you you did something with the code or during compilation ("it's not a bug" mentality).

- They show that development is indeed active (not all people follow github or SVN updates) and the core team cares for actual users (I personally always found this "art is for the artists" mentality that is among many of the devs stupid).

...so, hoping for a fresh release soon.

But since flames are easy as it seems let me add some fuel with a bonus question:
Since this open source, has anybody considered taking part of the code to MAME? (or even merging with it)

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