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Por fubukimaru

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20-04-2017, 09:56

If they don't have a place where they can share their thoughts in their (your, for the ones on this thread!) own language, why not adding a section for the japanese community here? It could be the same as with the spanish people, not all of us can speak english.

I'm relatively new to MSX, but I have seen a couple of guys very active on twitter, and they share their stuff there. But maybe having a space here could help.

Just a wild guess Smile.

So wild that was wrong. Sorry!

It's already there:

Por ghost_jp

Master (136)

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20-04-2017, 16:27

I can quite not understand what you guys expect from Japanese. Another way of saying my question is like this: why don't you ask the same thing to Korean people?

I dare to say you guys chase an illusion. Certainly MSX was born in Japan. Konami was also. I'm very pleased as a Japanese whenever I notice your handle or avatar comes from Japanese culture. However, I should say they are deliverables by forepast Japanese people, not present people including me.

I just would like to enjoy MSX with you guys as the same one of MSXers. But I must be a little confused while seeing your overloaded expectation against Japan.

Por ghost_jp

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20-04-2017, 17:02

Eugeny_Brychkov wrote:

someone ordered people not to like MSX, or not to meet to play MSX games?

I don't know madscient's true intent, but the answer to your question is nobody. That... he wrote "be destroyed"... was just figure of speech, very general among Japanese people.

Certainly, I remember that some people felt disgust against flips around Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi at the beginning of this century. That might accelerate degeneration of Japanese MSX community, but the result would have been the same even if they had not existed. I say again nobody killed MSX in Japan. It is still living in domestic community. However, I think nobody can force them to do something we hope, for example contribution to MRC.

I wonder some of them will come here if I seem to be in good spirits to them.

Por Piter Punk

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20-04-2017, 20:42

ghost_jp wrote:

I just would like to enjoy MSX with you guys as the same one of MSXers.

Continue doing that Smile I guess that is what most people here does: enjoy MSX with people that like MSX.

Por Louthrax

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20-04-2017, 20:55

Yeah, one of the nicest things here is having people from many different countries and cultures sharing the same passion, from Vikings to Brazilians Smile, almost always in a friendly mood. That's the main reason why I regret no having the Asian side of the world more represented here.

Por madscient

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20-04-2017, 20:56

Eugeny_Brychkov wrote:

Can you explain please? Why they were destroyed? What was the reason? And why do you think there could be no growth and interest in MSX in Japan? What is this historical background? (someone ordered people not to like MSX, or not to meet to play MSX games?)

Because too many factors are involved in complexity, nobody knows the whole thing and can not easily explain it.
Not that someone is disturbing, but the decaying of communities had progressed rapidly about 10 years ago.

Of course active users still remaining in Japan.
But many of them, are active in individually, small, or closed community.

Por Metalion

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20-04-2017, 21:15

ghost_jp wrote:

I can quite not understand what you guys expect from Japanese

I think that we all dream about a huge community existing in Japan, developing and making new things for the MSX, that we would not know about (like a lost paradise or something). It's quite easy to imagine that due to the success of the MSX over there, there would be an enormous fan base still active. Just like what's happening in Europe and USA for the C64 or other hugely successful 8-bit computers.

I think we simply don't understand why it would NOT exist !

And yet, I have never see any japanese reactions to a development from this side of the world. I mean, a pixel-scroll version of Nemesis ? with speech added by SCC sampling ? You would think that the japanese MSX fans would go wild about it (except if they already done it). Or at least that we would get some feedback from them ! ... But no. Only silence. For years.

So there's only two explanations :

1. Either there is NO MSX scene in Japan, for some reason we do not understand (cultural, historical, other ...)
2. Or there IS a MSX scene in Japan, but it stays closed to foreigners, for some reason we do not understand (see above).

In both cases, it's quite sad.
We're somehow orphans.

Por raymond

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20-04-2017, 21:30

I think we should stop this discussion. I understand the questions there are and as far as I can see there is no easy answer. Appreciate the Japanese friends which are currently active on this forum and perhaps make a Japanese (and Korean?) section to support those who do not speak a foreign language. Maybe we will be surprised by the popularity and maybe not. The main thing is, enjoy your MSX with all MSX friends worldwide!

Por ghost_jp

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21-04-2017, 01:30

Why do you hesitate? At least I welcome these discussion. I wonder you're afraid if such a discussion incurs the displeasure of Asian people including Japanese. Don't worry. Such people with tiny hearts never come here through the wall of language. Kidding! Tongue

Por keith56

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21-04-2017, 01:49

I think it would help if we made an effort to post new content in japanese in the existing forum on this site
The last post in that forum was 26-09-2016, so its unlikely any Japanese speakers are going to come to this forum unless they have near perfect English


My Japanese is not good! but I would be happy to post and reply in Japanese on this site, It would give me some practice!

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