Obsolete Procedure Call protocol released

Obsolete Procedure Call protocol released

por konamiman en 01-01-2018, 11:42
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Konamiman is back! After an almost three years long "sabbatical" he just presented a new development: the Obsolete Procedure Call (OPC) protocol.

OPC is a very simple protocol that allows to remotely execute code, as well as to read/write memory and ports, on a computer being powered by a Z80 processor; commands are sent via TCP/IP or any other remote transport mechanism. This can be useful for hardware developers: they can test their prototypes/BIOS and related software without having to physically use the target computer (modern computers have better development tools). Or you can use it to remotely dump ROMS, or to just test some Z80 code against a real Z80 machine... you name it.

Besides of the protocol specification (which is not tied to any specific computer type or remote transport mechanism), Konamiman has made available a server application for MSX-DOS (using TCP as transport) and a client library written in C#, together with a sample client application that retrieves some system information from a MSX computer.

Relevant links:

OPC on Konamiman's MSX page
OPC repository on GitHub

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Por Victor

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01-01-2018, 12:29

Great work!!!

We're happy to see you here again!!!

Por hamlet

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01-01-2018, 14:52

Yip! Great to have you back!

Por Kai Magazine

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01-01-2018, 15:09

Konamiman is back! those are great news!

Por Sd-Snatcher

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01-01-2018, 18:44

Related to RPC and NFS?

Por karloch

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01-01-2018, 21:05

MSX's "RPC" Smile Amazing work, as always!

Por MsxKun

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04-01-2018, 21:11

Nooooooo! Don't spread the Intel hole to the MSX! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers