Looking for a Sony F700S

Por manolito74

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06-08-2018, 05:19


I'm looking for a Sony F700 in good conditions.

Thanks a lot in advance. ;-)

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Por apiegapie

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08-08-2018, 15:44

Hi Maybe i have one for sale, what is your budget?

Por Scubaduiker

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08-08-2018, 16:16


Here is one for sale too, it's not mine :-)


This one is for sale since yesterday.

Por pmack

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08-08-2018, 22:20

Do you guys outside of Europe use marktplaats ? Are sellers ok shipping abroad? How about payment, does it accept paypal?

Por T.R.

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08-08-2018, 23:31

Marktplaats supports Paypal. But whether it's possible depends entirely on the seller. I guess many non-commercial sellers may have no clue how to use Paypal. Other options are iDeal (a Dutch system), pre-payment via bank-transfer and of course cash. NL is a small country so items are often picked up in person. Sometimes this is the only option ("alleen ophalen").

Most people can speak English. If you're willing to pre-pay by bank transfer and pay for shipping, there's no reason why a reasonable person would refuse to ship abroad.

Of course pre-payment is generally not safe and bad advice. There's nothing you can do if things go wrong. But personally I've done it for items below a certain price that are not typical scammer's items. Use your own judgement.

Por pmack

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09-08-2018, 18:23

Thanks TR.

Por hamlet

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09-08-2018, 18:34

I could do some nice business on marktplaats.nl but I can also tell some hair-raising stories.
As everywhere it depends on the salesman, you will have to bring confidence in any case when you do pre-payment without having seen and tested the item.