Hydlide II | Where to buy the IPS-file?

Por Feiraco

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17-08-2018, 15:09

Hi all, where I can i buy the IPS language file for Hydlide II? Thanks in advance!

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Por Sylvester

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17-08-2018, 18:57

As far as I know you can't buy the IPS file. Rieks W. Torringa once sold a translated disk version of hydlide 2, but never released it as free. See also: https://www.generation-msx.nl/software/tesoft/hydlide-2---sh... But it seems his homepage also doesn't work anymore.

Por Feiraco

Master (138)

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17-08-2018, 18:58

Thanks Imulilla! But isn't that the original rom file? I am looking for the English translation file and want to pay for that.

Por Manuel

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17-08-2018, 20:12

Contact MRC user Sama.

Por supmsx

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17-08-2018, 21:39

I have one but wonder if it is this one you are looking for

Por DrWh0

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18-08-2018, 15:47

There is an IPS patch file made by TNI free to download at:


I don´t know if this is enough for you

Which are the differences of TNI´s translation compared with the Sama´s one?

Por Feiraco

Master (138)

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19-08-2018, 18:21

Thanks all!!
I have sent Riesk (Sama) a message.

So I have the same question as DrWh0: what are opinions of the free translation, and/or what are the differences with the one of Rieks?