Game packet for loose games

Por wunderstudio

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26-09-2018, 19:28

I am trying to build game packet for the loose games, something ready to print that all can have. I have difficulties to find good scan of the cover. If you have some I'll be happy to create the game box for your cartridges/tapes/disks.

I have an example here :

Try to print and glued it, it is in PDF, the scan is horrible but I have nothing best.
Of course I give this to the community.

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Por hamlet

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26-09-2018, 19:45

Looks great! Thank you and welcome wunderstudio!

Por wunderstudio

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28-09-2018, 00:04

Thanks a lot, this was just a kind of sample, just tell me the one you like to have and I'll do it, you just need a printer to be happy.

I'm happy to be here too.