Sony Hitbit HB-F900 for sale

Por pmack

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25-11-2018, 01:15

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Por uberjack

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27-11-2018, 09:16

The computer looks great, but I those horribly placed arrow keys never made sense to me.

Por hamlet

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27-11-2018, 10:01

I like the Sony cursor keys. It looks much more dumb than it is. You have to giv'em a try. The keyboard is beautifull, I don't like the Gotek in this place.

Por meits

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27-11-2018, 11:19

The cursor key are on a perfect place really when you look at it from an ergonomical point of view. You can rest your handpalm on the keyboard. Your shoulder, arm, wrist and hand are more relaxed that way.