3D printed nms8250 Frontpanels

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Por zett

Hero (608)

Imagen del zett

29-11-2018, 07:54

realy cool made. was thinking of drawing one to but you did a nice job!. its not the most frendly design to print. if you let the front go flat it would be hell lot faster printing.

Por relo999

Supporter (7)

Imagen del relo999

29-11-2018, 14:09

I've actually tested that, the print time wouldn't be significantly dented. Going from a 12 hour print to a 11 hour print and would save about 10 grams of material, so I think having the original shape is more important than a 8% speed increase in printing. That said a flat surface does make the backside look cleaner as there would be no support material to clean.

Por Alexey

Guardian (3385)

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29-11-2018, 22:03

And assuming that you can buy a kilo of PLA for just 11 euro these days, the panels should be quite affordable. I think power costs more than plastic. Smile

Por relo999

Supporter (7)

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07-02-2019, 00:36

I just noticed the messages from this site ended up in my spam folder. If anyone tried to contact me for these panels and I didn't respond please message me again as I missed it.

Por tonyshark

Supporter (4)

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09-06-2020, 15:28

Hi, i have a 8280 and 8250 both with broken front panel, con you help me?

Por tonyshark

Supporter (4)

Imagen del tonyshark

09-06-2020, 15:45

How can i contact you?

Por Miguel_Noe

Champion (465)

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09-06-2020, 23:32

yo lo hago por 10€.

Por Mumbly

Expert (88)

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14-06-2020, 23:54

I’m also interested

Por gemini211199

Supporter (2)

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20-10-2020, 19:20

i need one for my 8280.
Can you contact me?

Por hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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24-10-2020, 18:38

I doubt that the thread creator is still reading the comments, his last entry in the forum was in february '19.
It would be easier to donate a broken 8280 to Alexey, I'm sure he would take care of printing a case. Wink

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