3D printed nms8250 Frontpanels

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Por djh1697

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25-10-2020, 01:26

hamlet wrote:

I doubt that the thread creator is still reading the comments, his last entry in the forum was in february '19.
It would be easier to donate a broken 8280 to Alexey, I'm sure he would take care of printing a case. Wink

I have an 8280 somewhere....? Also with the front smashed, it came from Anglosoft, who developed video titling software for it, alas they are no more Sad

Por Alexey

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25-10-2020, 01:53

I've never tried printing the whole cases. Just some spare parts. Yesterday I fixed the broken case for VG-8020 and designed a new slots cover with some engraving:


But it looks like I am going to create the full front panel for my YIS-805 soon. I've just got a completely busted YIS-805/128R with a badly broken front panel from Russia. I doubt that I will be able to repair it at all, so I will try to create the replacement 2-part panel. That's gonna be a challenge...

Por popolon_

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26-10-2020, 09:45

What would be easy and cheap 3d design software for beginner? I have measured the 8250 panel (same as 8280) dimensions, but I have not used any 3d design software. I checked thinkercad, but it seemed not so usefull.

Por Alexey

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26-10-2020, 10:28

Don't go for the low hanging fruit. Get the proper CAD and watch a few lessons on Youtube. I learned Fusion 360 within a few days.

Por popolon_

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31-10-2020, 18:53

I used freecad because commercial softwares are out of question. But freecad is pain in the ass when modifying or deleting something from the middle. Always something breaks up and you have to start from the beginning (or at least delete all objects from behind until modified object...). I am not sure what would be proper screw holes? I used 2,7mm and 2,1mm plain holes. Anyway here are screenshots:
[edited better pic-links]

Por sdsnatcher73

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01-11-2020, 05:09

Those renders look really good. I feel the end result after 3D printing is not great, visually and strength wise. Sure it is better than no front panel on your 8250 but the technology seems to be still in its early days. I write this mostly because I wondered how long it will take for this technology to evolve into a level that resembles mass production of these parts (which use casts and injection I think).

Por Wild_Penguin

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02-11-2020, 20:45

I haven't played personally with 3D printing, but my friend has one and we've been discussing it a lot (and I've used his "printing services" a few times). Also, some interesting Youtube videos have caught my eye ;-).

I'm not sure the tech is in it's infancy, but it's just that the results have not caught up the expectations and hype, at least not at a price point affordable to an average hobbyist.

Some Prusa Mini or similar (or something even cheaper) 3D printer will not do a great job, the material quality leaves something to be desired, the resolution is not good, support struds are needed etc. etc. ... a lot of trial-and-error is needed for the desired end result (despite knowing exact measurements), and for more polished work, finishing touches is needed by some other means after printing (sanding, acetone gas chambers etc. etc.).

To make something with even more details, one needs to go somewhere to the 1000€+ ... 5000€ price range. In addition to better & more varied materials and resolution, some more expensive 3D printers have tricks to remove the need for support struds (printing in some liquid via various means etc.). Not many hobbyists want to use that amount of money, but they can still be useful and worth the money for some company, who needs to do a lot of prototyping.

Perhaps (better) 3D printers become more common in libraries, local universities etc. and more accessible to everybody. Add in C&C equipment for metal! Those kind of public services actually already exist, but they don't seem to be advertised that much ;-).

IMHO this is a very cool idea/concept: Have an advanced 3D printer + C&C center/lab in "every village" - it could be a thing which will increase a sense communality, which seems to be lacking and out of fashion these days. After all, a good 3D printer might be expensive and relatively slow, despite advances in technology, forever (there are laws of physics which limit how materials can be handled with this kind of concept). So it might never become anything else than prototyping / small batch manufacturing method, and will not supersede mass-producing methods, but only supplement them. Nor might it become profitable enough as a private business (though, I wouldn't mind private businesses trying to offer paid services, but this just seems like something which could work better with some kind of hobbyist ring).

Por Alexey

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10-11-2020, 02:44

Yeah, it would be really nice to have a proper 3D printer in town that can make decent prints of big parts. For example the Yamaha YIS-805's front panel is around 40cm wide and I won't be able to print it properly with my home printer. I will need to combine the front panel from 2 separately printed parts and that will make a scar in the middle...

Por Nprod

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10-11-2020, 18:25

Ever since MSLA printers became affordable, you can get injection-mold quality parts for not a lot of money. But build volume costs a premium there - to print this front panel in one piece you'd need something like a Phrozen Transform which costs around 2300$. I've had this idea of "welding" pieces together with uncured resin and then exposing it to UV. You'd still have a seam where they meet, but it's likely to be much easier to sand and paint compared to an FDM part. Another idea i've had is to use the printer to make custom silkscreen stencils that can be used with some spraypaint to replicate things like the КУВТ and Yamaha logos.

Por hamlet

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10-11-2020, 19:45

Well, I'm not a professional, but I suspect that with a proper primer and skilled painting there will be nothing to see of the base material and the compound.

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