i need to sell more msx to others

Por msx fan finland

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30-12-2018, 13:02

i will sell msx stuff :
SVI 707 FDD 5.25 drive
SVI 787 boxed working tested 123 eur
SVI 738 tested working 111 eur
SVI joystics 2 pcs 15 euros both
JVC H7GB msx 1 machine problematic working ..strange behaviour... 70 eur
Al alamiah Sakhr AX 170 tested working 90 eur
Al Alamiah Sakhr AX 230 tested working 111 eur

Photos comes if you write email to me:

all items add shipment cost also depends on receiving country.

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Por Wierzbowsky

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30-12-2018, 14:54

Moikka. Please describe the 'strange behavior', kiitos.


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31-12-2018, 10:39

Send email for svi 707