MP3 player for MSX

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Por legacy

Hero (570)

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24-02-2007, 21:48

Wolf, maybe i add an SD card holder on it.

Good idea, but you can also think of an CF connector, because they have an ide interface build in.

Por doraemonppc

Master (244)

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25-02-2007, 00:31

I just discover that thread.
I only can say one word: WOW!

Por Yobi

Master (149)

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25-02-2007, 09:08

yes, you are right, they do the decoding job, but I guess the MSX still has to transfer the MP3 data from HD to the card. Or I am wrong here?

Por Ivan

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25-02-2007, 12:56

If you are interested, please let me know. Then we know how many we have to make, and what the price will be.

I'm interested. You should better put online a small site dedicated to this MSX cartridge so people can place preorders there.

Por Xan0ri

Master (176)

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25-02-2007, 14:02

Total Coolness!

If price isn't extremely high, I'd be very interested.

Por iamweasel2

Paladin (705)

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25-02-2007, 15:13

Really cool! Big smile

1) Does it run in a MSX1 or does it need MSX2/mapper/etc?
2) Will it be possible to use the cpu in the cartridge for other things besides playing mp3 (as a co-processor)? That would increase the value of this cartridge to the msx users.
3) What is the size of the buffer? It would be nice if it is not too small, so that msx can do other things besides sending data to the player. And if we want to use it with games, the overhead on the msx cpu can't be high.

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

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25-02-2007, 18:35

If the cart would have had a big ram to buffer entire songs it wouldn't been so impressive (its would be like connecting an ipod to the joystick port) but here you actually have the MSX play mp3's.

And that is.. practical? Imagine mp3's as backgroundmusic for a game (the hypothetical case I described above), is it practical that you loose some of your CPU to the playback of the mp3? -sorry, not a dvik post W_. -

Por Prodatron

Paragon (1810)

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25-02-2007, 18:37

We need 7x256 out's (OTIR). There is an interupt when the MP3 decoder needs more data Wink

So if I understand it correctly, the buffer has a size of 1793 bytes?
That would mean you have to refill it about 9times/second, so about every 10th vsync.
Is it also possible to detect the buffer status with an IN (would be hard to handle an additional interrupt in SymbOS).

More data about will come this week.

Ok, great! Sorry for beeing so impatient, but I am just very interested Wink

Por wolf_

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25-02-2007, 19:26

dvik: hit me, kick me, drown me .. Tongue [Edit] and [Reply] are so close to eachother, instead of replying to your post, I edited it CrazyEvilCryingEek! Happened one time before, but then I was able to restore it, but this time I went back already in browser-history.. -sorry-

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

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25-02-2007, 20:49

wolf_: no problem at all, So as a moderator you have edit buttons on all posts, like we do on our own posts?

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