My dearest MSX

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Por Parn

Paladin (837)

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25-12-2019, 17:02

I hope this kind of topic hasn't been done too recently. I'd like to ask you all which MSX model do you hold closest to the heart. Not necessarily your favorite model, or your dream model, but one which brought you most happy memories.

For me, it was the Panasonic FS-A1F. In the early 00s, I got one from @l_oliveira, who later upgraded it to a full MSX2+ with 1MB mapper. It was my first Japanese model MSX, and my primary MSX for almost two decades now, and it's still going strong. Nowadays I don't use it as much since I got other, more convenient MSX models, but it's still one of my favorite machines (not that I have many, but still).

I should also mention my first MSX, a Gradiente Expert 1.1. Brazilian. I got it in 1987 and at the time we were still under the effects of the military dictatorship-era protectionist policies, so it was a very advanced machine for us. Most of my ~200 MSX-Music arrangements were made on an upgraded machine of the same model, between 1992 and 1994.

What about you? Tell us your stories! Wink

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Por ducasp

Paladin (680)

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25-12-2019, 17:40

That's easy, I have really fond memories of my Gradiente Expert v1.1, it looked like a real computer and not a toy by having a metal case for the CPU and a separate keyboard, specially when you place a TV set or monitor on top of the case. It was the responsible for my real passion about games (even though I had an Atari 2600 and an Odyssey 2 before it, none really made me like games as much as the MSX, I would be tempted to rank it as a tie with my Famiclone as the equipment I've enjoyed the most related to games). I was really crazy about the Sony Hitbit a friend had imported from Japan, it was cute and played MSX2 games, but it was just a quick summer passion, real love was the Expert. Tongue

I learned a bit about programming with it, but at that time I didn't spent much time programming, but what I've learned programming in Basic and the little concepts in z80 ASM were the solid foundation for when I started to make a living out of computer programming. Wink

Por mcolom

Champion (316)

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25-12-2019, 18:31

In my case it's easy too, because the Sony HB-20P was my very first computer when I was a child and actually the only real MSX I've had. And oh boy... I really love it's look, so elegant! ( I learned a lot with it, and something that I really wanted to learn and I couldn't was assembly programming. I saw in the magazines you it was possible to do with assembly, almost science fiction compared the BASIC.
Something that I also learned was that the message written on the computer that tells you not to inserte/remove cartridges when the MSX is on... it's serious! I fried the VDP by inserting a cartridge, but luckily there was a Sony store close to my home, and they could replace it. So it's a story with a happy ending :)
I used it for some years until I moved to the PC. However, I wouldn't say it was replaced, but turned into something like a cult object rather than a computed that I really used everyday. Nowadays I use mainly openMSX, but I have my real MSX as my very precious treasure, along with all the tapes with the games.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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25-12-2019, 21:24

So difficult to choose!

I entered the MSX world with the HitBit HB75P Back in 1985 I was certainly a Sony fanboy. I was lucky to earn some extra pocket money at an uncle's company after school. So the first Discman, the D-50, active boxes and the Hitbit decorated my desk. I also afforded the trackball and the graphics program Creative Graphics and spent a lot of time creating pictures. This certainly influenced my career a lot. Later I was able to study graphics at the state academy in Stuttgart. In 1986 I saw the first MSX2 computer in a shop, the Sony HB-F700D and I was immediately in love. Unfortunately my money was only enough for a VG8235, but two years later I bought a used Sony.
Until 1999 this was the only computer I used, although not the only MSX in my possession. Of course I always dreamed of a Genlocker 900, but before that I got a few 8280s. Most MSX I still own today.
Sometimes I ask myself, if I should get rid of my computers, which one would I keep?

Por Samor

Prophet (2174)

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26-12-2019, 14:53

The NMS8250 would be my favorite as it's the one we had when I was a kid. Like ducasp's Gradiente Expert v1.1 it looked like a proper computer and that appealed a lot to me. I guess it's also the reason I'm much more comfortable with generic pc keyboards than msx keyboards with large cursor keys.

Por meits

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26-12-2019, 15:39

I must pick more than one for several reasons.

  1. Philips VG8235 for nostalgic reasons. It was the first MSX I ever saw and touched. Played River Raid on it. I was told to start flying with the space bar, but since no one told me I had to use it to shoot as well I never got over the first bridge. And yes, it occured to me that when starting the game with the space bar a shot was fired. But how the hell was I supposed to understand the relation between the space bar and the plane's gun? I was used to play outside. A few weeks ago I bought a 8235 just for nostalgia and built a 2DD fdd in it and soldered 256K into it. If I'd done that as an eight year old boy I'd never care for number 2:
  2. Sony HB-F700P. A hyper modern looking beast of a machine with just one draw back: it's hyper faaas... eh, sloooow disk rom. But the machine had 256K and a 2DD drive. It could run everything that was available in the day. In 1992 orso the 8235 was sold and a 700P was bought and that's where Near Dark hit the streets. I was able to help the guys doing something. Later the Sony HB-F700P had to move for probably my dearest computer which will not be sold even if you give me € 10.000,-:
  3. My custom Philips NMS8250 inside a pc case. Except an R800 there's nothing you won't find under the hood of that beast. For it's a beast it got the name Tweety.
  4. When Dutch MSX magazine released an issue with the Sony HB-F1XDJ on the cover I knew I needed it. I never got it until a few years ago. Imho it's the prettiest off the shelve machine I've ever seen.
  5. But ofcourse my Panasonic FS-A1ST will win hands down. Together with the MFR it's an unbeatable combination of pure speed. But they should've used the casing of:
  6. The Panasonic FS-A1FX with its beatiful black case and red detail. Together with the Sony HB-F1XDJ it only wins on looks Wink

So yes, I can't choose... The above all have something special in my time-line.

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

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26-12-2019, 15:56

OMG... I've had so much fun with all my MSX machines, but my favourite ones:

* At first a Toshiba HX10. Played countless hours of Zanac, Yie Ar KungFu, Boulder Dash, Nemesis II, etc...
* Sony HB-F700P with built-in MSX2+ & Fast Disk ROM. This machine played everything!

My 2 worst machines:

* Sony HB-F500D -> Well, I don't think I have to explain why....
* Philips NMS-8250 - I was so frustrated about not being able to hear the PSG when using SCC/MSX-Audio/Music. I've sent the machine back to Philips twice to no avail.

Por Samor

Prophet (2174)

Imagen del Samor

28-12-2019, 11:55

I was so used to the PSG being low-volume on NMS8250 (with SCC) that the first time I heard the music with a normal PSG volume I thought it was incredibly weird. Same with hearing tunes on the proper speed (60hz). Nowadays I'm completely used to both.
And if we look at present day (present time) the Zemmix Neo is my new love, I guess. What a cheater I am. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1432)

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28-12-2019, 16:04

i recently bought a buffed-up Sony XV which looks SO shiny its almost too good looking to be used
i have used my Black TurboR GT (WSX casing) for years now

my shittiest machine is without a doubt my Sanyo wavy FD which looks good but just feels wrong on a number of things

Por meits

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28-12-2019, 16:42

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

my shittiest machine is without a doubt my Sanyo wavy FD which looks good but just feels wrong on a number of things

Oh yes, the shittiest machine... For me that's my one chip msx

Por AnsiStar

Master (141)

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15-01-2020, 15:40

January 1986. I took all the money i had and bought me an Sony Hit Bit 75 D. Those were the days! Smile . I remember that the manual was excellent. I wrote some little games in Basic. One made it in a german MSX Journal (HCA). I earned 80 Deutsche Mark. Although i have to admit that this little game was quite awful! LOL! Then two or three years later i bought a used Philips VG 8235. I have them both until today. I have about 20 Konami games. My all-time favorite is Penguine Adventure. But for about 30 years i did not too much with my MSX. So I`am really new and i beg your pardon for my stupid questions in future...

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