For Sale Philips NMS8280 (german Version) with additional equipment

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24-05-2020, 21:20

I've decided to sell my MSX stuff. I've also some other old computers and don't have the necessary time for my MSX computer.

The Computer itself is in a very good condition. Tehre is nothing broken and no scratches on the cover. Keyboard, Mouse and GR8NET aree also working.
Unfortunately the disc drives are not working anymore. They will be recognized by the system during boot up sequence, but I cannot read any discs with them.
Drive A was working some time ago. When I tested it yesterday I could read only one directory of a disc. In all other cases it didnt' work properly anymore. Sounds like the belt drive is gone.
I'm not sure of the condition of Drive B, because with "files" I can access only drive A. I don't know how to change to drive B.
Included in the lot is also a SCSI Interface module for the computer. I'Ve never tested it and also the previous owner ( He has bought the machine originally) has never used it.

Here again a short overview of this lot:
MSX2 Computer NMS 8280 (no modifications) with german QWERTZ keyboard ( with the exception of both drives everything is working)
GR8NET multifunction cartridge: working
Philips MSX Mouse: working
Philips Music Module: working
two Boxes with discs: some are working, others not
MSX SCSI Interface for a HDD: function unknown
Manuals ( German)
Cartridge frame replacement
SCART Cable from computer to a screen
2 x 3,5 " Disc dummys for transportation

I'm asking 550 Euro + shipping costs for the lot.!ApYHfWsBylqago99yyRbLjWv8njaQg?e=aZXUeY

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Por Corum

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26-05-2020, 20:49

I've included my Email address into the one drive link to the pictures:!ApYHfWsBylqagpADZiHSNj3ZrydX7Q?e=u1wXvo

Por dmr

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28-05-2020, 16:54

@corum : I sent you PM about the Gr8net cartridge.

Por Corum

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28-05-2020, 17:43

@dmr: unfortunately I haven't received your email. I've also checked the spam folder. Either it's still on the way or it bounced due a typo or whatever.

I've also added my email address in my public profile.

best regards

Por hamlet

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28-05-2020, 18:59

At the moment forum PMs do not work.

Por Manuel

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30-05-2020, 00:32

Try: files"b:"

Por Corum

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30-05-2020, 10:56

@ Manuel thx for the hint. Meanwhile I've checked the manual and found it as well.

I've checked all the MSX disks and noted that most of them were not working anymore. I've scraped them now. Therefore the discs are not included in the offer anymore.

Actual status is that Drive B is working: I could format, write and read discs with this drive. Drive A is not copletely working, I can read the directory, but it loads only sometimes ( disc offline). Format is also not working. I get either bad paramaters (2 sides) or disc error (1 side).

Anyway my original plan was to replace one of the drives with a black Gotek drive/ Flash floppy with a rotary knob

At the moment I'm unsure if I still want to sell the complete set or only the music module, Whichever might go first.
So two options:
Philips Music module: 100 Euro + shipping
Compete set (without discs) 550 Euro + shipping.
If interested in the black Gotek drive with Flash Floppy firmware as well add 35 Euro to the set price

Por Corum

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05-06-2020, 20:55

The computer is not for sale anymore, only the Philips music module.
I've updated it with the flash drive and keep the computer for myself.

Thread can be closed. I'll open a new one for the Philips music module