Sunrise MoonSound and GFX9000 cartridges died suddenly after a power surge

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Por SjaaQ

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18-11-2020, 12:04

Thanks for the warning and your research on the issue. I am sure it will benefit anyone who has such a broken cartridge, especially when the code is available for reprogramming.

Por ducasp

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19-11-2020, 13:57

That is quite unfortunate and sad... Shocked! Not sure what is wrong in your case, I've been able to use the slots almost all days with my SM-X, I have PowerGraph 9990 Lite and a OPL4, both from Tecnobytes, which are working good, just hope this is an issue with your particular unit (which still is unfortunate) than a general issue. I didn't change anything related to it so it is like when it was manufactured in regards to slots (so no change to pull ups, etc), I'll let people know if I run into issues with it, and I think that it is good advise so if anyone else had failures, perhaps we can gather more information to try to figure out what is wrong.

Por KdL

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24-05-2022, 17:56

After much effort and research I managed to convert the Moonsound PEEL into an easier to find GAL.
So, should anyone ever break their GFX9000 or Moonsound, know that I can now help you fix them. Wink

Por Manuel

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24-05-2022, 22:02

Great news! Can you describe how to do that, so other people can also fix their device?

Por AxelStone

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25-05-2022, 20:47

So good new you could get back it to life

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