Por Mudkipz23

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14-09-2020, 01:53

Hello, everyone!

I'm new to this forum, as well as the MSX in general. I'd love to learn about the MSX, especially the coding portion of it, because I've always wanted to get into playing around with old hardware. Even though these types of computers went out of fashion more than a decade before my time, I still love them! I love how they gave you a BASIC prompt that you could just type a program into, and you could even run it without any sort of compilation like you need nowadays! Anyways, I'm not the most knowledgeable about computing, my area of expertise is hardware and even then I'm not that good, so I hope I can learn about the MSX, and I also hope I can get along with you guys.

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Por Randam

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14-09-2020, 06:36

Welcome Mudkipz23 and have fun MSXing,

Por Briqunullus

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14-09-2020, 09:54

10 PRINT "Welcome to the forum!"
20 GOTO 10

Por BiT

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14-09-2020, 10:26

Have fun with your MSX! And good luck on the BASIC programming. There is a lot you can find here or on the net. You can even still find a lot of books about using BASIC and programming.

Por hamlet

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14-09-2020, 10:26

Welcome Mudkipz23!

Por Pippo

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14-09-2020, 14:15

Hello Mudkipz23,
welcome here. Smile
I think, you are in the right place of the Sacred System.
Have a very happy time and learning! Smile

Por Bodhi1969

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14-09-2020, 22:15

Hello Mudkipz123, With me it is similar. I'm also fascinated by old computers and only recently learned that MSX is a really cool system. I don't have a real one, but I try to get to know the system through emulators.

I wish you at least as much fun as I have. Cool

Por Gory-Glory

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08-11-2021, 22:43

Welcome Mudkipz23
I am also new here