Which machine do you use and what for?

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Por Bodhi1969

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16-09-2020, 19:23

As I mentioned before, I unfortunately never had a real MSX, but now I try to compensate this shortcoming as good as possible by means of OpenMSX and others. I also try to learn as much as possible about it.

Now I wonder, with the 300+ variants that exist, which one you use when you use the emulator.

I would also be interested to know for what purpose you use the emulated MSX / real MSX today.

I look forward to your answers, which are at the same time suggestions for me. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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Por BiT

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16-09-2020, 22:46

Hello bodhi1969, I have 2 MSX computers and sometimes use an emulator. The emulator I mainly use on my laptop for learning better programming when I don’t have the time to sit behind my real MSX computers.
I have an vg 8235 with a lot of audio expansIons in it like the Philips Music Module, FM pak, OPL4 shockwave, SE-ONE and the Megaflashrom with the SCC sound chip. I also have the Philips keyboard for the Music Module and the Toshiba keyboard with the MSX-Audio sound cartridge. I mainly use this one for making music with Moonblaster 1.4 and Moonblaster WAVE and Moonblaster FM. If you like making music you can do this very well with this setup in real or emulated off course.
I also have a NMS 8280. This MSX can digitize video and super impose with video where you can lay MSX graphics over the video signal. Very usefull for making title screens or make pixel art from digitized images. You can even make moving animations to blend in with the real video using software like Video Graphics. If you like digitizing old video recordings, like I do, you can add a lot of information to the video’s while digitizing to PC or HDD recorder without using modern software. Its fun and looks good on these old video’s.
Of course the most important thing on an MSX is play games!! Wink
You can do this on every MSX and that’s great Cool

Por mcolom

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17-09-2020, 10:24

I have a Sony HB-20P, and I use emulation with openMSX and also a MSX core in a MiST-compatible FPGA.
I use MSX mostly to play MSX1 games and some little coding.

Por tfh

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17-09-2020, 10:31

I use my Zemmix Neo as a "real" MSX (although... define "real")
As emulators I use WebMSX, but if WebMSX doesn't suffice I use OpenMSX.

Por Parn

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17-09-2020, 14:00

I think what @Bodhi1969 wanted to know is which machine do you select when using OpenMSX. I personally use Panasonic FS-A1GT because it's the best machine, but if for some reason I don't need turboR speed, I use Panasonic FS-A1WSX.

As for real word machines, my main current ones are a Panasonic FS-A1ST and a SM-X (FPGA-based MSX), but I also have a few others. I'm not really a collector.

Por tfh

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17-09-2020, 14:14

Ahhh... Well, it depends a bit on I am switching to OpenMSX. Most of the time it's testing something that doesn't work on WebMSX, so it depends a bit on the situation. But if I'm just gonna play some game, it will be a Boosted MSX2+ JP.

Por meits

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17-09-2020, 15:48

I use openMSX for coding because it's easy to inject ascii code from outside the MSX and the reverse option is great to avoid losing code due to crashes, loops and reboots.
I also use it if I want to play a game. In the olden days I could be hooked up to a game for weeks and only said a nasty word after dozens of useless game overs. Now I don't have that patience anymore. And knowing that reverse exists I can't do without anymore.
Though, I rarely ever code or play a game Big smile
In all cases I use either a Panasonic FS-A1ST or FS-A1GT just because of its speed.
In real life I use several beefed up machines, but a Panasonic FS-A1ST in particular. It's the machine I use to make music on.

Por Briqunullus

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17-09-2020, 16:05

Well, I have selected a Philips 8255 in OpenMSX as my default machine. My real life machine is a 8235. Of course that one has the disadvantage of only supporting single sided disks. In my real machine I have replaced the diskrom and diskdrive. I could do the same virtually in OpenMSX, but I chose to select one of its bigger brothers instead. The 8255 has the same hardware as the 8235, the same slot configuration, etc. And it has two diskdrives. I have boosted my config a bit with memory and a few sound devices.

All in all, I think most people use OpenMSX the same way they would use their real MSX. And so they stay close to the same models. If I ever need a MSX1 in OpenMSX I will always opt for the SVI 728. Just because I have that machine for real as well.

Por gdx

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17-09-2020, 16:19

This question has been asked hundreds of times, but let's go!

I use mainly my real MSXs for the pleasure of seeing them work. My pleasure begins with inserting the cartridges and pressing the power button. I use also the real MSXs to test my new programs and some others.

Otherwise, I use the emulators for everything else (quick game tests, debugging, playing games that are too difficult without savestate, etc.)

Por ducasp

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17-09-2020, 16:48

I mostly have been using BlueMSX on Turbo-R or Japanese MSX 2 profiles, those are the ones most close to my main target platform (SM-X and also MSX2 computers in general) and debugging is really appreciated... Other than that, I use my SM-X FPGA system. I would like to have a A1-ST or A1-GT but the prices in Brazil are very unwelcoming (think about that they cost in our currency what I can do with 3000 US dollars in the US), perhaps in the future, if I get a good price on one, I will get a Panasonic FS-A1F and just hack the hell of it adding a turbo circuit and new z80 for higher speeds whenever I want to and a Carnivore.

For Open MSX, I like using the Turbo-R they provide that has all kinds of extensions in it, and sometimes use A1WX if something is not doing good on the Turbo-R, or a MSX1 machine sometimes for some programs that work bad with RAM in subslots

Por SjaaQ

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17-09-2020, 17:02

Real hardware: Nms8280 @7.14mhz which I got in 1989 or so. Two cartridges inside: GR8NET and MSX-Blaster. Used to test my development stuff or just play music.

OpenMSX with custom European Turbo-R GT profile and tlc startup for debugging new code.

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