Leonardo Padial Ortiz has sadly passed away

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Por Parn

Paladin (837)

Imagen del Parn

18-12-2020, 13:29

Leonardo Padial's name is inextricably linked to the MSX community's history. My deepest condolences to all his friends and family. Crying

Por efraimsangil

Rookie (17)

Imagen del efraimsangil

18-12-2020, 13:34

He was one of the best creative person in MSX scene. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Por PingPong

Enlighted (4137)

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18-12-2020, 13:34


Por mesiasmsx

Prophet (3444)

Imagen del mesiasmsx

18-12-2020, 13:50

Im shocked!
R.I.P Sad

Por mau_rizio

Resident (49)

Imagen del mau_rizio

18-12-2020, 14:00

Farewell Leonardo, we will miss you.

Por yakumo

Expert (75)

Imagen del yakumo

18-12-2020, 14:07

It is a great loss, both for the family, for whom I send my condolences and my sincere soon recovery - though I know how hard it is - but also for the MSX community.
I will treasure his works and memory through my own hardware that I adquired from him time ago, and that brought back my ilusion and wishes of giving something, which at some point I'll do, to this system that made me be what I am today.

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

Imagen del tfh

18-12-2020, 14:11

My concolences to the family. I'm sorry for your loss.

Por Gakubuchi

Expert (100)

Imagen del Gakubuchi

18-12-2020, 14:18

Very sad news. Leonardo was one of the big persons in MSX.
My condolences to all the family.

Por tingis53

Paragon (1119)

Imagen del tingis53

18-12-2020, 14:28

My condolences
It's a sad date for the MSX community , and especially for the spanish part of the community
A sad and bad day for me as a member of the community and a user of his products several years
D.E.P , rest in peace Leonardo Padial Ortiz

Por dan

Master (243)

Imagen del dan

18-12-2020, 14:40

My condolences

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