Daewoo CPC-400 keyboard switches

Por DamnedAngel

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07-01-2021, 23:08

Hi all,

When I heard about the old CPC-400 stock in South Korea I became curious and interested. I contacted the owner and, since he told me that the keyboards had several keys failing, many units had malfunctioning Floppy Drives and he couldn't guarantee much beyond an apparently normal boot, I made the extravagance of ordering two units, hoping to get at least one of them working.

I cleaned and recapped both units (in fact, all capacitors were replaced by Lady Darkbite!!!), recovered the PCBs from battery leakage and... selected one of the keyboards to be saved at the cost of the other. About 40% of the switches were failing. Ordering two units turned out to be very wise: now I have one unit in perfect shape, the other working, but no keyboard.

I am now looking for new switches to replace the faulty ones. I've tried these:


but they only look somewhat compatible. CPC's keycaps connectors are "+"-shaped instead of "-"-shaped. I knew about this difference, but the worst part I discovered only when the switches arrived (I bought a handful just to test the mechanical compatibility): they are too "fat" to fit in the keyboard tray. Lastly, since the function keys are thinner, their switches have also to be thinner.

My question to you is: does anybody know where I can find proper (preferable new) switches to replace the ones from CPC-400's keyboards?

best regards!

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Por cloudree

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08-01-2021, 03:56


The used Sejin mechanical switches are very hard to get, even in South Korea.
You can repair switches, such as this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDZRlEqgxeI

And, I made a PCB for CPC-400 keyboard to use with Cherry MX profile switches.
(Cherry MX profile switches are very popular with modern mechanical keyboards.)
Let's see my blog : https://blog.naver.com/cloudree/222200561113

Have a nice MSX life!

Por kkittya

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08-01-2021, 03:50


What an amazing PCB.

Excellent. : RNFF :

Por DamnedAngel

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08-01-2021, 14:08

Hi Cloudree,

That's a very interesting solution, although I'd want to keep the original keycaps. Are some PCBs still available? If so, what's the price?