MSXVR: The pre-order for Metal Dragon for msxVR EXCLUSIVE users.

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Por raymond

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08-06-2021, 09:34

A lot of bugs are solved on a weekly basis (see release notes). The more people that have a MSX-VR, the more bugs will be found and can be solved as long as they are reported through the proper channels Big smile It is quite a big project and as you know Rome hasn't been build on one day either...

Por MSX4ever

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08-06-2021, 10:25

Totally agree that more and more solutions for the MSXVR are being found every week!
Helemaal mee eens dat wekelijks steeds meer oplossingen voor de MSXVR worden gevonden !

Por sjoerd

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08-06-2021, 14:51

raymond wrote:
sjoerd wrote:

Does the MSXVR version also work with a real V9990 cartridge or didn't you try that? Just asking because I'm having trouble using a real GFX9000 with an MSXVR.

Did you post a bug in Guilded for this?

No, this is the first time I hear of Guilded. Anyway my MSXVR isn't up to date anymore, so may be it already works with the latest updates. If not, I will let them know.

Kai Magazine wrote:
sjoerd wrote:

Does the MSXVR version also work with a real V9990 cartridge or didn't you try that? Just asking because I'm having trouble using a real GFX9000 with an MSXVR.

I haven't tested that, the objective was to check if the game runs ok on msxVR without the need of an external v9990 so every msxVR user could play it.

Fair enough. I'd like to use a real one for testing my new software. An MSXVR with USB and WiFi seemed easier to use than a real MSX.

Por MsxKun

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08-06-2021, 15:26

ducasp][quote=MsxKun wrote:
ducasp wrote:
djh1697 wrote:

If I/O doesn't work, then that is quite an impediment for a lot of interfaces, hope they add it later, it would be quite a shame to have that many slots and not be able to put hardware there, after all, if you want to just emulate everything, OpenMSX is free and you can make a quite good looking keyboard case for it running in a PI4;

Well, some work. Moonsound does. Darky, sometimes, a bit borked. Music Module doesn't. Not both mine at least...
My SD and CF failed both.

Hope they get it working reliably. Smile

Probably. At first it was very bothering the SD not working cause I use them on my MSXs, there are custom things and so... Then, I got used to just use WiFi and it's more handy, unless you don't want to plug the PC on. But then some USB or USB reader with SD can do, as long as it's FAT32. Good cause it's more handy, not so good cause then my MSXs can't read it.
But you can't have everything.
About MM and so... not big deal as it's emulated, but as you can't trust any emulation in the end, just in case, it's good to make the real hardware work. Well, I can, on my other MSXs. It just seemed a pity cause sure it's a matter of little fix there, as more complex hardware than MM works.
So, time to wait. No hurry.

Por Kai Magazine

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01-07-2021, 15:04

Metal Dragon update:
We are waiting for the last materials in order to start the shipments.
We should receive the remaining material within a week or so, so the shipments will begin in a week aprox.
There are many orders for this game (twice as much as we expected!) so the shipments will last for at least 2 or 3 weeks.
As previously stated, the shipments will be made in the same order they were paid.

Thank you very much for your support!

Por Kai Magazine

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27-07-2021, 19:20

Metal Dragon shipments update

Hello there!
I just wanted to throw a few lines about how the shipments are going:

Around 65% of the games have been shipped and I sent an email with the tracking number to their owners (please check your spam folder).
By the end of this month, percentage should get to 80% or more.

Yes, I know, things are going a bit slower than expected, but here is why:
Having to manufacture each copy by hand, check it, package it etc takes more than 1 hour for each copy (around 1 hour and a half). Having to make all the physical versions (which is twice than the amount we expected) means that even working many, many hours every day, we can only produce around 40 units a week.

Believe me (or not) we are working very hard (my older son and I), I have been taking many pain-killers due to the constant back pain which gets worse every day, the pain-killers destroyed my defenses and I got some serious infections, so no more pain-killers, just pain.
To make things worse, at this time of the year my town is so warm that hobbits all over the world come here to melt their cursed rings, so weather doesn’t help either.

I also wish to point out that even though this game has been received extremely well and has sold way more than we expected, that doesn’t mean I got rich, quite the contrary:
This game took 6 months of FULL TIME development (including weekends) and the «profits» it generated just covered 2 of those months. The other 4 months came out of my pocket (savings).
But as I stated from the first day, we did this game for fun, as a hobby, while I took a few months on vacation, because I wanted to do it, and the way I wanted to do it, without hurrying it up or any pressure due to time/costs.

Why am I saying all this?
Well, I just want to let people know some facts so those who can appreciate what it took in order to make this game.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, we had a lot of fun doing this game (except for this month dealing with the manufacturing and shipment of each copy) and we are very happy with the results, and above all, with the warm and excellent reception it had among the MSX community and the very nice comments you guys have been sending me.

Thank you very much, folks!

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