Any idea for a simple game in SymbOS for g9k

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Por edoz

Prophet (2482)

Imagen del edoz

09-07-2021, 14:40

Hi, do you guys have any idea for a simple not to big game as a test for SymbOS in pattern mode for G9k?
I have no inspiration for ideas.. and next to that i have no skills for making my own graphics..

This is just a kind of test
Trebmint did some cool things for G9k in Quigs.. so all credits to him..

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Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

Imagen del wolf_

09-07-2021, 15:05

That's just scrolling, can hardly be called a game. Wink

How about Sokoban? Such graphics are dead-easy, everyone can pixel those. There's no need for AI either, so that would really be a simple game concept.

Por aoineko

Paladin (1004)

Imagen del aoineko

09-07-2021, 17:49

A very simple game : T-Rex Runner (, but with a pingouin. :)

Por tfh

Prophet (3347)

Imagen del tfh

09-07-2021, 18:33

Flappy bird with paralax scroll? :-)

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

Imagen del hamlet

09-07-2021, 20:11

Trebmint's demo combined with Athletic Land kindish with scrolling like game would be it!

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

Imagen del Randam

09-07-2021, 20:42

Boulderdash (with editor Wink)
An imagining of one of those early konami games that got canceled.
An 8 bit version of pacman 256 or pacman 40th anniversary.


Enlighted (6067)

Imagen del NYYRIKKI

10-07-2021, 04:23

First of all, SymbOS seems to be a lovely place to do development, no matter if you are assembler coder (like Prodatron) or BASIC coder (like Edoz) It is just remarkable, how little you need to worry about multitasking stuff and all. I even managed to compile tools like DEBUG.COM from MSX-DOS without really breaking a sweat! What an great environment!

... but... last time (few years ago) I checked there was quite radical flaws to prevent serious game development... There was major problem syncing to VDP especially on GFX9000, that made even simple H-sync next to impossible. Another "major" thing I know is that there was no really sound deamon ready. (I know it was planned already) If you like to use ie. MP3 as game background music, you just give the file name and then you have no control of it afterwards. You can only send quit request to the process and starting another one... not very handy. Same goes for supported PSG-tunes as well... FM-sounds or reasonable sound effects were not even supported at all, but the other part of the story is that you don't have to worry about the file formats... You just make game body, data files, music files etc. and the OS will handle them for you... and even pretty darn fast, great!

The beauty is that ​the basic services that are available make development so easy that practically you don't really have to put any effort in to "boring" stuff. SymbOS can already offer a totally new view to MSX programming with really nice programming specs, so it is all about just how long it takes until we see some really good stuff. Think your self: If Edoz BASIC looks like this, think what we have not yet seen!?

... and BTW the GUI is f****** awesome demo it self!
(Sorry for being off topic)

Por Trebmint2

Master (242)

Imagen del Trebmint2

10-07-2021, 10:43

The concept is to provide a v9990 game engine that allows media to be easily mixed and used, along with a large set of decent functions for effects cross platform CPC/MSX & Enterprise. Currently its just implementing functions which are direct to hardware, but hopefully we can add mapping, animations (which can group sprites together), collision, sound & very basic physics etc etc. I don't know if developers would want this or not to be honest. Let us know.

Yes Symbos does have interrupt issues when we're talking v9990, but Prodatron thinks we can find a way around it. So hopefully we can integrate all the nice palettte & scroll splits I'd like to include at some point too.


Enlighted (6935)

Imagen del ARTRAG

11-07-2021, 10:35

I would try something like this
Oscar has already released the source (in intybasic) of a nice dungeon crawler
He should released also the source for this game

Por Grauw

Ascended (10771)

Imagen del Grauw

11-07-2021, 13:30

Something similar to Simplified to single screen stages perhaps? Graphics don’t need anything fancy but there’s some nice factory building gameplay.

Por ducasp

Paladin (680)

Imagen del ducasp

11-07-2021, 17:21

A Girls Panic clone would be cool, colorful digitized images and a simple action/puzzle game, perhaps not with naked girls, or not, up to you... Digitized game covers images and the enemies being from other games would be a quite cool thing, and the main engine of the game wouldn't be so difficult to program.

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