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Telekinesis is the ability of using the power of the mind to cause the movement of matter at a distance. In the new Physical Dreams game called Tere-Kinesis it is all about mind control to move objects. Coming soon on cartridge, reservations have just opened.

Known for excellent MSX1 games like the PACO series and Alien Confination, Jose Luis Salguero operates under the alias Physical Dreams on the MSX platform. With colorful graphics, and exciting PSG tunes, he delivers top-notch 8-bit entertainment. From the same author, the game Tere-Kinesis is being released shortly.

Tere-Kinesis is another MSX1 compatible game with the same quality as earlier released Physical Dreams games. In this new adventure, you'll have to pass the mind power tests that your instructor gives you: moving objects with mental powers. A dazzling trip of puzzling with smooth and precise control through 20 levels of various difficulty.

A game with outstanding visuals, ditto music and thrilling gameplay. All packed within a physical cartridge ROM compatible with MSX1, 48K RAM, PSG systems. The game is currently available in Spanish and English. If there's enough interest, other languages like Italian or French will be made available as well.

The price is set at 28 euros, excluding shipping. For that, you'll get a physical cartridge with full color cover and manual. You can now reserve your copy by sending an e-mail to physicaldreamsgames@gmail.com saying "Hey! I want that!". Payment method is per PayPal. And, for early birds, Physical Dreams has 2 mini consoles you can win too, just by reserving a copy of Tere-Kinesis.

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Por Over Wiz

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31-07-2021, 10:10

Very god game!!!! Dont miss it!!!!

Por thegeps

Paragon (1189)

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31-07-2021, 15:26

I've already ordered mine Smile

Por M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (128)

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01-08-2021, 10:33

Seems very good !
Ordered Cool

Por konamiman

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02-08-2021, 11:43

Big fans of Akira Toriyama, eh? (I'm not complaining) Smile