What is the right way to search for FM-Pak and its RAM?

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Por sdsnatcher73

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26-10-2021, 19:05

To be fair, we can’t expect everyone to know that 2 OPLL’s can coexist. It is not a common usecase and it was not very well documented (or even at all). In the late 80’s / early 90’s it was still possible to import brandnew FM-PAC’s or MSX-2+ machines with built in MSX-Music. But at some point that stopped and getting second hand stuff from Japan surely wasn’t that easy as it is now. There was a demand for (cheap) FM-PAC clones primarily to play games and listen to FM / Stereo songs and demos. And people filled that demand with clones that worked for what the people wanted.

Por gdx

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27-10-2021, 10:58

I quickly traced the MSX-Music. At MSX start up nothing is executed.
When CALL MUSIC is executed, it depends on the configuration.

Internal MSX-music only: No access to 7FF6h.
Internal MSX-music + FM-PAC: No access to 7FF6h.
FM-PAC only: Select the FM-PAC ROM and set the bit 0 at 7FF6h.

Same with a call to 4113h.

This means that the MSX-Music cartridges that have the "APRLOPLL" ID (by mistake) have always its I/O ports enabled or at least by default. This kind of cartridge should not be used on a MSX with an internal MSX-Music. And Datapack is not accurate, even wrong on some details.

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