Looking for slot expander for Nms8280

Por nikodr

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21-07-2007, 14:47

After the sad news from Brazil developers i would like to ask wether anyone sells a slot expander for msx2.Or do you know where someone could find one?I would like to use my 4mbyte external memory card,buy an external mp3 cart,and use the Sunrise CF.Because msx has only 2 slots i need a slot expander.

Thank you

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Por Alakran69

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31-07-2007, 11:24


I'm in a similar position. I've surfed the web and find three options:

Sunrise www.msx.ch/sunformsx/ announces new slot-expanders will available soon (135 Euros). 4 Subslots + 2 I/O slots.

Leonardo Padial lpadial.aamsx.org/page2.HTM makes a wonderful piece of hardware (120 Euros). 4 Subslots + 2 I/O slots.

Gilberto GDOS Italy gilbertomsx.altervista.org/inglese/slotexpander/slotexpander.html. Many spanish users talk very well about his hardware (45 Euros). 4 Subslots.

I hope this helps you.

Por nikodr

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31-07-2007, 12:43

What are the 2 i/o ports?Is sunrise actually planning to produce them?I saw this statement on their website long ago.However i am glad that we have those options.Now another question is what is this http://www.msx.ch/ftp/Products/Network%20catridge/Info/network.pdf ? I found it in the main sunrise site.Does this mean we will have something like dumas soon?

Por Manuel

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31-07-2007, 13:10

AFAIK that eZ80 based network card got cancelled. It's an old project anyway. So, no.

Por nikodr

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31-07-2007, 13:21

Manuel i really wait for the day that msx could be connected to the internet.Maybe there will be dumas?Who knows...