(WTS) Hitachi MB-H70

Por msx fan finland

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22-03-2022, 19:15


I have Hitachi MB-H70 MSX 2 with box.
I want to sell it to anyone.
Photos can ask from me by email or FB messenger.
i ask 900€ including shipment to anywhere.

msx fan finland

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Por Serkun123

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22-03-2022, 19:27

Wait... I have Googled it and it's just very similar (excepting it does not have a RS-232C interface) to my Mitsubishi ML-G3... Anyone can tell me why that is so, being two different brands Hitachi and Mitsubishi?

Por sdsnatcher73

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22-03-2022, 20:24

Hitachi just chose to co-develop this machine with Mitsubishi, it was probably cheaper than develop their own machine and setup a manufacturing line.

Por Serkun123

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23-03-2022, 08:51

Amazing! Didn't know that story, but it just seems a great machine in design and concept.