Bypass hitbit menu - SD mapper on Sony hb-55p

Por melliug

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04-04-2022, 09:55

Hi everyone,
Recently I found my old msx Sony hb55p, I repaired it and now it works fine...but ,how can I run my SD mapper on it? I think the problem is the hitbit menu on boot, but I'm not sure. RAM memory available on this model is 16kb. I have a Sony 64kb cartridge too .Can you help me with this?
Thanks in advance!

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Por Wierzbowsky

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04-04-2022, 14:59

You need to change the ROM to the one that doesn't have the firmware. Or patch the firmware to disable its startring on boot.

Por gdx

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04-04-2022, 15:43

Por melliug

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04-04-2022, 16:34

I've read your links, thanks! I see the patch is for hb201p. Is there anyway to disable the ROM like on F9S, cutting a jumper?
Thanks in advance.

Por sdsnatcher73

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04-04-2022, 18:45

Unfortunately you have to have a ROM in the socket for the HB-55P as well as the HB-75P, it can be an empty EPROM or a modified version of the original firmware that nolonger boots automatically. You can send me an e-mail if you want the modified ROM content.