Need help in Pumpkin Adventure 2 in one part. I cannot find the screwdriver.

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17-06-2022, 23:20


I am following the walkthrough in pdf and it says this to find the screwdriver, "Search the garden first without going anywhere. You find
than a dictionary, two gates, many images wearing a blue pearl and one image without
pearl. If you've seen all that
have, then walk to the gate that you
first encountered. you come in
a grey/brown field, the third floor. Turn left and walk close to
the wall. Follow the wall. je
comes to a chest. You can't do this
open because it is screwed on. Always stay on the wall
follow this way. go first
gate you encounter do not go to
inside; you will come again
in the garden and you've already searched it. Walk on. you find a
chest. It contains a screwdriver. Walk on and you will come
at a gate. Go in and you
is on the fifth floor. Search
this floor in the same way as
the third. You see a gate; go to
inside. There's a Wizard here. speak
him and he will provide you with some information. Go through the next one
gate. You're back on the third floor"

It is says right at the chest where are there screws that locks it, which I says follow the wall until you reach gate and then enter the garden and walk on. The question I have is, what wall? What gate? What do they mean,"Walk on"?

This is the original language (perhaps the translation was not good):

Doorzoek de tuin eerst zonder ergens naar binnen te gaan. Je vindt
dan een woordenboek, twee poorten, veel beelden die een blauwe parel dragen en één beeld zonder
parel. Als je dat allemaal gezien
hebt, loop dan naar de poort die je
het eerst tegenkwam. Je komt in
een grijs/bruin veld, de derde etage. Ga links af en loop dicht tegen
de muur aan. Volg de muur. Je
komt bij een kist. Je kunt deze niet
openen, omdat hij is vastgeschroefd. Blijf de muur steeds op
deze manier volgen. Ga de eerste
poort die je tegenkomt niet naar
binnen; je komt dan namelijk weer
in de tuin en die heb je al doorzocht. Loop verder. Je vindt een
kist. Hierin bevindt zich een schroevedraaier. Loop verder en je komt
bij een poort. Ga naar binnen en je
komt op de vijfde etage. Doorzoek
deze etage op dezelfde manier als
de derde. Je ziet een poort; ga naar
binnen. Hier zit een Wizard. Spreek
hem aan en hij verschaft je enige informatie. Ga door de eerstvolgende
poort. Je bent weer terug op de derde etage

Any help on this would be greatly appreciate it.

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18-06-2022, 00:07

First, search the garden without entering anywhere. You’ll find a dictionary, two gates, many statues carrying a blue pearl and one statue without pearl. Once you’ve seen it all, go to the first gate you encountered.

You’ll arrive in a gray / brown area, the third floor. Go left and hug the wall. Follow the wall. You will reach a chest. You can’t open it, because it’s screwed tight. Continue to hug the wall. Don’t enter the first gate you run in to; it will lead back to the garden which you’ve already explored. Continue on. You will find a chest. Inside is a screwdriver. Continue and you will reach a gate.

Enter and you’ll arrive on the 5th floor. Search this floor in this same way you searched the third. You’ll see a gate; go inside. There’s a wizard. Speak to him and he will give you some information. Go through the next following gate. You’ll return to the third floor.

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18-06-2022, 05:13

Thank you. I will try this method. Problem though the monsters there hit for 1,200 points of damage and have 6000 HP.
the Diamond Sword, Diamond Shiled and Diamond armor will cost me 650k gold coin. I also need to buy potions where each cost me 560 gold each. So for the next month and two, all I willl do is stay in an area of dungeon where monsters hit the least amount of damage but provide 1.5k exp and 1.9k gold each round.

I need to start hacking until I have 650k. This is a very slow process because I need to keep teleporting to town, buying 30 potions each time which would take 20k gold coin each and save the rest to pile up, rest, save and go back to that spot and keeeeeep saving gold until my 30 potion goes down...repeat. This is going to be one of the most boring, hideously teadous, labours job I would have ever done in an MSX game ever. But I have no choice but to do this or else I will keep getting game over each time I move a step. I am going to save this note in my notepad, what you translated until I believe I am ready to tackle the random monster in order to find that screwdriver.

I can kill the "demons" easily. I have killed even the one where it went back in time to kill me as a child, it barely hurted me and I slaughtered like that. The problem is the random monsters are harder than the big boss. Also, I figured, if already I can kill the big bosses like that if I did this labour..boring hack and slash and got 650k to buy the armors and weapons, I would have easily leveled another 10 to 15 levels...making me go from level 55 to 70. With that..and the diamond set...I can easily one hit all monsters in sight...and even damage the big bosses and final bosses 60% of their HP in one shot! I hope!

B y the way, is there no video walkthrough showing how it is done...sometimes words are hard to visual what they are saying.