Super Pierrot mapper is not?

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22-07-2022, 11:03


MSX emulators say that Super Pierrot use a specific mapper but when a see the list of the merarom components here, this cartridge use the same mapper chip as many other games listed as ASCII16 mapper. (NEOS MR6401)
Accoding specifications, Super Pierrot mapper may be compatible in some cases.
Could this be the cause of the confusion? Or is it a mistake in the list?

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22-07-2022, 11:44

Simply looking at the info, it seems that the address lines are hooked up differently in case of the Super Pierrot cartridge. So while the same chip can be used in hardware, the switching address is mirrored in different locations compared to the more generic wiring used in a 'regular ASCII16' .
So for emulator writers this means that this different wiring of address lines makes the cartridge behave differently so they assign a new 'mapper type' since mapper type here refers to the 'HW chip'+'the wiring'

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22-07-2022, 12:27

Rather, it seems that this chip is a close mapper to ASCII16. Most ASCII16 ROMs seem to work with this mapper. So it wouldn't be a Super Pierrot specific mapper, but an ASCII16 mapper close with switching addresses wider, and used in several cartridges.

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22-07-2022, 15:37

Here are the cartridges that use this chip.

F-15 Strike Eagle
Family Billiards
Flight Simulator with Torpedo Attack
Gambler Chushinha
Gambler Chushinha 2
Gate of Labyrinth
Ide Yosuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong
Michelangelo II
The Cockpit
Super Pierrot
Super Runner

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23-07-2022, 01:21

According to the Software DB that comes with openMSX, it's a normal ASCII 16kB mapper.

I have PCB shots of it...