Christmas quiz 2022

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Por ray2day

Paladin (743)

Imagen del ray2day

07-12-2022, 12:33

No Christmas quiz this year? @Hamlet Shocked!

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Por Samor

Prophet (2174)

Imagen del Samor

07-12-2022, 14:25

I haven't seen Hamlet on MRC recently.

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

Imagen del tfh

07-12-2022, 19:46

Indeed, no X-Mas Quiz this year. Let's hope we will have a new one next year.

Por dan

Master (243)

Imagen del dan

08-12-2022, 06:27

just hope hamlet is ok

Por jepmsx

Master (253)

Imagen del jepmsx

08-12-2022, 06:56

I was looking forward to this quiz. I miss it, although I didn't know the answer to a lot of the questions, I liked to see the MSX knowledge around the web.
I also hope that hamlet is ok

Por gdx

Enlighted (6213)

Imagen del gdx

08-12-2022, 09:45

Hamlet hasn't given any news since mid-July.

Por ro

Scribe (4963)

Imagen del ro

08-12-2022, 10:26


Our friend Hamlet has been un-available since some time as a result of private issues. Last time I spoke with him, he told me things were looking a bit brighter again. As for now, he is offline and we wish him all the best.

John reached out to me last night about the absent of Hamlet and the x-mass quiz, asking if we could take over. As I think this is really Hamlet his brainchild and work of art, we shouldn't interfere. I respect his work too much to take over.

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

Imagen del tfh

08-12-2022, 10:48

I agree... The X-mas isn't the same without Hamlet, so... Let's hope Hamlet will be OK soon and that we will have a new X-Mas quiz in 2023.

Por ray2day

Paladin (743)

Imagen del ray2day

08-12-2022, 12:21

Sorry. I was not aware of this / I did not know this.
Lot of strenght to Hamlet.

Por Rataplan

Champion (338)

Imagen del Rataplan

08-12-2022, 14:07

Oh my. All the best to Hamlet!

Por edoz

Prophet (2482)

Imagen del edoz

08-12-2022, 15:11

All the best Hamlet!

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