feature CAPS lock?

Por rolandve

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28-02-2023, 18:44

I am not sure how it technically works: when I use the system variable to turn ON the caps key, the MSX perceives all keypresses as expected. On openMSX the caps light does not flash on. Is this because a real machine light also wouldn't turn on or is this something that is on the to-do list?

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Por Grauw

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28-02-2023, 23:06

Use the CHGCAP BIOS routine to change the light. Internally it will update PPI register C.

Por rolandve

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01-03-2023, 08:53


Por wouter_

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01-03-2023, 09:30

in other words: a real MSX machine would behave the same. Emulation in openMSX is fine.