Games I´d like to see this year in MSXDev

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Por Salamander2

Expert (124)

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18-10-2008, 16:47

hey folks,

look here. I set a short list of what I think would be cool in the MSX:


-minimalist run'n'gun game running in 80x40 resolution.
if this could be ported to msx(the development of the pc original is still 15%),
and using a extreme rock'n'roll sound with cool sound effects in the msx mp3 cart
(or in the psg. i don't care. just the music needs to be somewhat that konami
rock soundtracks), AND YOU HAVE A WINNER.


the game ia all about a broken mame emulator that
mix and change sprites, music and gameplay every 5 or 10 seconds.
if this could be ported to the msx using msx game characters, music,
enemy and gameplay limitations, well done BECAUSE YOU HAVE ANOTHER WINNER.

this game uses only one static screen. and the heros and enemies limitations
of their games. very very funny. i think this could be very easily ported to the msx.
imagine knightmare, maze of galious, goonies, gall force, zanac, golvellius, randar,
nemesis, alfa roid, kaleidoscope special, hype, vampire killer, lolo, montana john,
whatever, in a game like this?

quote from the game: "YOUR PRINCESS IS IN A FASTER CASTLE"

(the video is somewhat slow. but ingame is far more quicker than this)

pixelated 2008 rambo. you got no better than this.
if this could be ported, i don't care if it would like msx2 contra with static
screens. the gameplay justify anything.


unfinished platformer using phisics to destroy cenario.
very funny.


now, a forgotten game that really begs for a port to the msx...
from 2003, this game was suposed to be only a test for
a game maker software and guess what...this game is
absurd. it's incredbly very very very good. it has some kind of
purity and charm, that makes no violence or appeal of most games from today.
it's completely open and wide. the music is excellent, and I believe that
with dedication, can be ported for the MSX without many losses. I would like to sincerely
see the VDPX running this game(a hint).
obviouslly they are all indie games.
there are a lot more, but i think these ones really make the thing.

I would like to know what you think about them.

viejo_archivero: the LIGHT CORRIDOR has the best & unmatched psg music in the msx. that's for me.
it's very very good, specially the second theme.

Por Hrothgar

Champion (479)

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18-10-2008, 18:46

That ROM CHECK FAIL is truly hilarious!
Although it could have some more continued gameplay before flashing to the next failed ROM part.

Por Salamander2

Expert (124)

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18-10-2008, 21:32

now imagine this with msx sprites. that's the idea! Smile

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