Games I´d like to see this year in MSXDev

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Por dioniso

Champion (479)

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18-06-2008, 10:43

That screen fit perfectly on the MSX1 SPRITES number limitation. Probably is not made this way but a possibility would be:

1-Hearts SPRITES: There are at least 2 black SPRITES (4 empty hearts) and no more than 4 (2 more red SPRITES who have to be redefined). Even, if there is a kind of cloud in every screen you could have no SPRITE (4 empty hearts as TILES) or 2 (filled hearts). No SPRITE can reach the low Y axis of those hearts.

2-The main character is composed of 4 SPRITES, but only 2 are in the same horizontal axis: 2 for the head, 2 for the body.

3-The fish can be done with only 1 SPRITE and 4 TILES. But, anyways, since they jump alternatively, even if they are composed of 2 SPRITES, they will never meet in the higher position (4 SPRITES) plus the character (2 more SPRITES).

Having a look at the screen, I just see a wise distribution of SPRITES in order not to get more than 4 in a row.

Por pitpan

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18-06-2008, 12:39

I've seen it moving some time ago and it ruleZ!

Por MsxKun

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18-06-2008, 12:47

Dioniso is totally right Smile
Player, enemys and hearts are sprites.

they're distributed to avoid more than 4 in a row as much as possible,, even it can happen sometimes.
All is MSX1, but that screenshoot was taken with a MSX2 palette which looks bit better.

Por LORe

Resident (34)

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18-06-2008, 16:45

soccer soccer soccer!!!
Manchester UFC
Football Manager

P.S: Thanks Holland!

Por PingPong

Prophet (3889)

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18-06-2008, 20:41

I'd definitely *LOVE* to see a MSX1 conversion of that classic masterpiece that is (IMHO) SOLOMON'S KEY :)._,._,
A little complicated to be ported to msx1 because of the richness of gfx and sprites.... :(

Por Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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18-06-2008, 22:13

Well it was ported to the Spectrum so it should at lest be possible to port on MSX with some improved coloring and use some sprites... Doesnt have to be a pixel perfect arcade port Smile

Por JohnHassink

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19-06-2008, 03:06

My 10 cents about a game I'd *really* like to see:

Something in the vein of
Buck Rogers
Zoom 909

...That would rock my socks off. :)

Por Huey

Prophet (2687)

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19-06-2008, 08:46

My 10 cents about a game I'd *really* like to see:

Something in the vein of
Buck Rogers
Zoom 909

...That would rock my socks off. :)

And mine!

Por MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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24-06-2008, 20:03

- Digitized images, there are loads of tools nowadays to convert them to MSX1

- Digitized speech: Just the name of the game, or one scream etc would be nice. Wink

If digitizing (colourful) pictures for MSX gives just a mess, then just draw wanted life-like pictures using some msx paint program! Smile (thought you need some artistic skills for thatWink)

Probably we all remember that feeling when we heard our msx SPEAKING every now and then in the 1980s! Just remember JET BOMBER and NORTH SEA HELICOPTER!! That´s why I still like to hear some (well planned and well spoken) speech!

MSX games are looking better and better all the time, but there´s still a place for little but important improvements. Think about little animations... how many MSX dev game sprites or backgrounds really act and look like in true life? I mean, heroes and villains have just some animation frames and that´s it. They always have same face, either they always look mean or happy, and that´s it. Maybe some hero may look unhappy when dying, but that´s all... Background is usually still without any animation. Imagine how good your game will look if you just make your hero and villains occasionally waving their hands or just turn their heads to player and talk (imagine little mouth animation here), both villains and heroes could have expressions in their faces, like if you escape villains by jumping to platform where they can´t reach you, their faces could show some angryness. Smile And backgrounds... does backgrounds need to be still all the time? In simplest way, it´s just few more characters more to make tree leaves shake in the wind, and remember, it´s not windy all the time in real life, so why it has to be in your game. Smile

Here´s some little examples:

BOULDERDASH - it was unforgettable moment to see rockford winking his eyes and stomping his feet and waving his hands!

NIGHTSHADE - every now and then hero looks around, to see if there´s monsters around, no matter are you walking or standing, he still keeps looking around, just like real person would do in such situation!

BARBARIAN - not MSX game, but if you do nothing, player starts waving his hand and "talks" just to make you PLAY the game.

PREHISTORIK 2 - not MSX game either (1992 PC game) but when you don´t touch joystick, hero immediately starts Rockin´ (making some filthy pelvis movementsWink) and bushes do the same all the time, it´s very little thing to program it, but it gives game very good look!!!!!

JACK THE NIPPER II - nipper keeps diggin´ his nose every now and then... Tongue and that simple water animation looks nice!

Maybe your game also could have some little "unneeded" animations, like if there´s water around, some little fish could occasionally lift their heads from water or just jump, they don´t need to be enemies at all, but a non-harmful animation pleasing player´s eye! Smile Or birds could fly to trees and wave their wings and then start to sleep, or whatever. Smile

Just use your IMAGINATION and give your own game that special touch which makes your game stand out from the crowd!!

And yes, PLEASE MAKE GOOD LOOKING "VIEW FROM BEHIND YOUR CAR" RACING GAME FOR MSX!! There´s NOT many for MSX...... and if doing so, please add varying side-of-the-road-background there, as it is VERY BORING just to watch mountains or eiffel tower in the horizon like in Hyper Rally!! And please make different looking cars too! Smile

Por SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

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24-06-2008, 20:26

Don't you forget Charles Bronson in Death Wish III? When no bullets left you get a new animation while you try to shoot! Tongue

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