Games I´d like to see this year in MSXDev

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Por PingPong

Prophet (3898)

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26-06-2008, 19:48

Back on topic, I'd like to see a better MSX1 port of GREEN BERET. The Sinclair Spectrum version rocks!

If you do a Sinclair Speccy version a-like , it's not a msx1 version, only a port.
Instead doing a msx1 native version is extremely difficult to manage on a msx1, because of sprite limitations.


Enlighted (6845)

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26-06-2008, 20:04

The whole animation is in compressed form and take less that 3KB

Por pitpan

Prophet (3152)

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27-06-2008, 10:00

PingPong: sorry if you missunderstood my previous post. I asked for a good MSX port. And I have just mentioned the Speccy version as a good example of a port that keeps the original arcade action and gameplay. The PC/CGA version was also cool, although the awful text mode menu. By the way, try to play this game using the mouse LOL!

Por FiXato

Scribe (1738)

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27-06-2008, 10:27

Something I would like to see is a co-op two-/multi-player shoot-'em-up like Salamander Smile
We have plenty of shoot 'em ups for the MSX, but not many can be played with 2 players simultaneously like you could in Salamander...

Por Manuel

Ascended (18842)

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27-06-2008, 13:31

More examples: the co-op modes in Twinbee and Laydock! Very cool stuff Smile

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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27-06-2008, 15:23

Seriously, Twinbee was a co-op game when two players would innenitably quarrel: "F***! You got my bell!" Wink

BTW, I would not like to see ports or clones. Original games, shall we? If you wanna create your Pac-Man, do it, but do a Pac-Man completely different of what we are used to. Wink

Por MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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02-07-2008, 12:18


Altough I know that you're not an assembler guy, you're really into the gaming! Why don't you join efforts with some game developer and pixel artist in order to design such a game? There're programmers around and graphists too, but there's a lack of game designers/producers.

Just design a good game, taking elements from wherever you want, and try to go for it. Development becomes quite easy when the design stage has been carefully planned and executed. The other way round does work, but it is not efficient. First: design. Second: coding.

The only thing that you have to bear in mind is the MSX requirements and hardware limitations. A good programmer will provide you with interesting facts and hints.

Although language could be a barrier, try to find some volunteers at the Karoshi forum or at MRC development forum. Just prepare an interesting yet feasible idea and promote it!

Thanks for your words, pitpan! Smile

To tell a truth, I am fantasied about such thing for years, as because lack of assembler skills, I cannot program fast enough games, even "simple" graphical special effects are mainly out of my limits, as BASIC is not fast enough for my purposes.

It would be nice to get someone(s) interested about my ideas, thought I have never written them down during years, but I can think new ideas, of course! Smile I am artistic guy, that´s why I like to imagine good looking graphical effects for MSX, which were never seen on MSX-1 before. Smile

Anyway, here´s some sort of wishlist: Smile

I really like to see OLDIES shooters! NOT those Nemesis/Space Manbow look-a-likes anymore.... but either direct port of some really OLD arcade (end of the 70s/early 80s) or kustom konversion of old arcade with METALLIC SHINY aliens (screen2) and background with blinking/whirling stars and planets with moons rotating around them etc...... Smile

Also I would like to see some kind of MIX of old arcade shooters in ONE GAME, like oldies game which has possibility for 2 players simultaneously, different backgrounds for different enemy waves and maybe possibility to choose weapons before starting game (like huge explosion missiles instead of standard tiny oldie missile/laser which just kills one enemy). It would be nice to see COLOURFUL and BIG explosions!! Particles of destroyed enemys (and player too) could cause new explosion when they hit another ship/asteroid. If battles happen in some sort of gravity, destroying enemy and player ships don´t always need to explode in the air/space but they could fall to the ground (some inertia routine here) In Videopac´s "Satellite Attack" your ship didn´t explode instantly, and you could try to make suicide hit to enemy ship to make your score bit higher in those last seconds before your ship goes KA-BOOOM!!

I am not sure which 80s machine had it, but surely it wasn´t those spe/cbm/ams machines, some old home machine (maybe it was "COCO"?) had "space invaders" style game where you could choose weapons in menu screen, including those missiles, which cause BIG explosions. Never seen such a thing elsewhere...... Sad

I have dreamed many times to make state-of-the-art modern version of Space Invaders style game (maybe in kustomized Gorf style?) with amazing screen2 graphics and effects, but I can´t because I cannot produce code. Sad Game which have MANY stages, not just those 1-4 screens and then to beginning again (that gets boring) but many different stages with different enemies and hopefully different backgrounds. (at least in different colour) I don´t mind to copy some other OLD shooters to get ideas for more levels. Wink

Hopefully there are people who still appreciate older "simple" shooters. Smile

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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02-07-2008, 12:35

I think people should just make the games that want to make and which they actually can make.

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5605)

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02-07-2008, 12:58

With help from our friends at MRC, we can make almost anything we want! Smile

[edit] This comment may come off as extremely sweet and hippy but I really mean it as I experienced it first hand! Wink

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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02-07-2008, 13:36

* confirms that DemonSeed is a bit of a hippy .. Tongue

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