Games I´d like to see this year in MSXDev

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Por kabish

Master (223)

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16-07-2008, 19:35

I really like 'satan' by dinamic. A 'black tiger' game like, but it's too slow Smile. Side b has a very interesting game, I mean the concept it's very interesting but b/w sucks for a certain games Crying

Por Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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05-10-2008, 01:37

There seems to be a lot of Computer Role Playing Games that are possible on the MSX home microcomputers:
If you take some notes, it is possible to find a lot of information on the Internet !!!

Por RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1318)

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06-10-2008, 11:31

Line Rider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Powdergame

Por FiXato

Scribe (1738)

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06-10-2008, 11:53

A racing game like Rock´n Roll Racing [..] Even monochrome, they would be really cool! Big smile
I must second that! RnRR would be so cool on the MSX Big smile especially multiplayer ;p

Por MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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15-10-2008, 18:54

"Jet Set Willy version" of Caverns of Titan, please! Smile

As Caverns of Titan was Manic Miner clone, now please make futuristic Jet Set Willy clone with free entrance to surrounding screens. Smile

Por Salamander2

Expert (124)

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17-10-2008, 11:05

all i want to see is just a brand new and original game. not ports, adaptations or anything like this.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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17-10-2008, 14:40

Almost impossible ..

If you trace back the ideas and origins of just about any game you'll always end up with some game from the 80's that defined the genre.

Personally I prefer a quality game which may be not original than an original game which may be dull or otherwise not executed well. With that I mean: there have been oodles o' RPGs in MSX history with elves, orcs, dragons, queens, princesses, trolls, slimes/blobs, worms, magic etc. which would make any RPG in that medieval style not very original. But if you can make a good RPG in that style, by all means: do so!

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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17-10-2008, 14:48

all i want to see is just a brand new and original game. not ports, adaptations or anything like this.

I agree, or at least a similar game with new features. I won´t play games that I´ve already played on other systems. But I´d also like new games with old concepts. I´d not mind...

...a new shooter as good as Zanac or Kaleidoscope Special. We can´t play the same games forever.

...a racing game like Wec Le Mans, with height variation in the track (it´s quite easy to program it, trust me), but with more colors.

... a beat´em up like NES Battletoads. Flickering? Who cares if gameplay is good?

...puzzles like The Castle, Eggerland Mystery or Skooter. Time for more games like this.

My complain about new MSX games is still the same... I´ve seen games that ooze technology, like Malaika Prehistoric Quest and Lotus F3, and games that have excellent gameplay like Majikazo or Caos Begins. But I still wait for a games that mixes both groundbreaking technology and cool gameplay. Wink

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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17-10-2008, 14:56

Flickering? Who cares if gameplay is good?
I do Hannibal

The art of making MSX1 games is all about avoiding sprite flicker, if you ask me!

Por Salamander2

Expert (124)

Imagen del Salamander2

18-10-2008, 11:18

wolf_: well... sony says the same thing to nintendo at wii launch... and you can see the results nowadays. less mhz, more fun. isn't it sound familiar? the wii target is the family and casual gameplay, using the brand new wiimotion. i think the same idea(not the wiimotion) could be usefull to the msx. yes, we can have ports and etc, but original ones are missing here. in the case of they're no executed well, we can say to the programmer "keep going, the next one will be better. just not stop!".

man, the best "rpg" that i've played in the msx.... is rune master 2 and the last one(the one they call rune master 3) and the stylish pumpkin adventure 3. if i start making a rpg game, i would do everything possible to get it to be the closest thing to DIABLO, with DRAGON KNIGHT visuals(no, I am not referring to porn, ecchi, hentai, etc. just VISUAL QUALITY). a kind of game you can evolve into many levels your character with various classes and weapons. but it would have to have a specific study on the subject. this game could be possible too on the msx1 with abadia del crimen gfx. i am not a programmer. but if anyone want any comments or help in the design, call me any time.

it's a shame that the msx does not have a tactical rpg, like shinning force 2 or final fantasy tatics or even der langrisser. langrisser 1 and 2 could be easily ported to msx2 without flaws. maybe even shinning force 2 with loadtimes.

but again, this games are suggestion to ports. my opinions reffer to a new brand game.

LeandroCorreia: i can agree in most part with you.

_off topic
DemonSeed: i'm very sorry, but i'm very very busy now, but i will not forget to answer your email. thx.

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