Quarth start screen

Por dhau

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20-02-2009, 00:06


It appears before Konami logo! What is it? Some sort of health warning?

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Por poke-1,170

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20-02-2009, 00:40

my hangul ain't the best Wink

Por Poltergeist

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20-02-2009, 09:46

You better start learning then...

Por Metalion

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20-02-2009, 10:39

It's corean, isn't it ?
Is it a specific corean cartridge ?

Por dhau

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20-02-2009, 12:30

Korean Quarth, before the Konami logo. I'm just curious what is says. I was hoping sharksym or synfox may tell.

Por JohnHassink

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20-02-2009, 12:49

"Konami, please don't sue us" ? Wink

Por Manuel

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20-02-2009, 12:53

I've recently added this release to Generation MSX, including pictures of the box (thanks Bas!) and screenshots, including this warning.

Por Ivan

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20-02-2009, 13:42

I've just seen the Korean box of Quarth on Generation-MSX. That Korean version must cost €€€... never seen it before.

Por sharksym

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20-02-2009, 14:03

It says,
"Illegal reproduction of this software is prohibited by copyright law."
" (C) Da-woo Info-system."

In early '80, Korea had no copyright law for software.
So many companies copied and modified imported software, which is run in MSX, Apple, etc.
And also they made backup-tools include HW & SW, which can dump & store cartridge.
For example, these company bought MSX megarom cartridge from Japan,
and then dumped SW, removed any copy-protection, modified banking routines for their megaram cartridge,
and remake disk or tape version SW & even cartridge version.

But, after copyright law set up, software was published legal way.
Above reproduced Quarth cartrigde shows it is legally licensed from Konami.

Por Manuel

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20-02-2009, 18:54

Cool! Thanks for the information, sharksym!

So, copyright law was just started to become effective, when this was released?

(The box also shows the Konami logos etc., which indeed proves your point.)