SD v2.2 interface

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Por Erikie

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29-06-2009, 21:51

Sorry about the long thread, if you want quick details about the interface you better read the readme file from the original designer of the hardware (sharksym) over here:
You also have an email from me.

Por Erikie

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29-06-2009, 22:07

Quick question for the users already with an interface, can someone try it in an MSX1? I have no msx1 at hand. Questions are ask if it works in MSX1 and it should work in MSX1 but I cannot confirm. Especially in vg-8020. I should have taken the old one which is at my brothers home Sad
Thanks for trying!

Por jltursan

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29-06-2009, 22:42

Ok, thanks for pointing the doc, I'll give it a look!

Por enribar

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29-06-2009, 22:50

Thankyou for testing! Smile
Waiting for results...

Por Leo

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29-06-2009, 22:51

i would like some cases indeed , do you have limited number of them i would take more than 1 , depending on the price ...

Por Erikie

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30-06-2009, 00:04

Leo, indeed I have a limited amount but the limit is not reached yet. I can still make around 25 pieces.
After that I can order a new batch of PCBs if necessary Smile

Por RetroTechie

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30-06-2009, 03:13

Succes!Big smile

Yesterday I made the PCB fit into a Sub-Logic Flight Simulator casing. I extended the holes in the PCB 'up north' just far enough to get the cartridge connector in the right place, and not damage any traces. A close call, but it's possible. I'd upload some pix, but my camera recently died Crying

Soldered everything onto the board (no sockets used). Not a job for beginners but I'm not, and the result looks good. Replaced capacitors with SMD tantalum types to cut down on the vertical size, and added some ceramic ones for better power supply decoupling. After thorough inspection, a first try - jay! IMHO unnecessary feature, but helpful that it's bootable without an SD card inserted.

Today bought a few SD cards, and booting from / reading & writing functions for both SD slots (strange that the one on the back becomes C: and the front one becomes D: btw). So it looks like I'm in business!

To do: more cartridge case modding, add LEDs, get to know the software that comes with it (and its Question oddities), replace label with something less ugly.

Por Erikie

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30-06-2009, 10:06

I am working on a website which will hold all information on this device. A very rough and ugly page is now up and running.
This will contain the latest news and pricing info. All additions are welcome.
Have a look at this ugly page:
I will give it a restyle asap :)

Por Erikie

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30-06-2009, 12:59

Updated the site a bit to use a menu and changed layouts.
Now we have to fill this site with all info we can think off.
Everybody who has this interface and used it can you send me an email on which systems it works? So I can keep the compatibility list updated.
Also all other info you think off that should be on the website just let me know. The more the better.

Por cax

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30-06-2009, 13:37

I will post here:

- tested on Yamaha YIS503IIIR

Did you ever hear about machine or configuration it won't work on ?

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