Has anyone saw this game...?

Por SLotman

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13-10-2009, 00:06

I was browsing Nicovideo today, and stumbled on it:

"Programmer J" (you must have an account there to see the video)

It looks like it was made with those game editors, but it's a platform game!

Ok, and THIS is really impressive! "Spade Carrier" oO

And what about this game from "Kenami"? ;)
(another stage here)

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Por SLotman

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13-10-2009, 00:59

Oh, this GR3 isn't for MSX... it's for PC Sad

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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13-10-2009, 15:20

i happen to have this on my pc
its a java game

it does show a msx logo at startup though
(not that that matters much)

Por SLotman

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13-10-2009, 19:34

I have it too Smile

But the other two on the top (Programmer J and Spade Carrier) are indeed MSX games. Really nice to see screen 3 (at least it looks like it) being used for something cool Smile


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13-11-2022, 13:14

Actual game with audio

Por Takamichi

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13-11-2022, 15:18

Programmer J is explained here. Spade Carrier was later converted to SCREEN 5.

Por Manuel

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13-11-2022, 15:47

I was already satisfied with Feedback Smile

Por Accumulator

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13-11-2022, 19:02

Indeed reminds me of Feedback!! Good old memories

Por Uninteresting

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13-11-2022, 19:18

Shoulder Blade Overdrive and Shoulder Blade Outerspace for me... although I've played only the MSXdev version of the first one.

The game is, regardless, very impressive.

Por JohnHassink

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13-11-2022, 20:59

Oh, I love Feedback! :) How about Vaxol, guys? I always thought that was pretty decent, too. Although it gets almost unreasonably hard later on.