New programming language ccz80

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By Dinoneno

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15-01-2008, 12:16

There is a new programming language for Z80 processor, named ccz80. It's useful for MSX. In this moment there is not a library for program for MSX system, because I don't know nothing about MSX. I search someone that want help me to create a library for have in ccz80 a set of functions equivalent to set of commands and functions in MSX Basic.

The compiler information is in . Thanks.

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By MicroTech

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15-01-2008, 12:32

Is the compiler open source Question

By Dinoneno

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15-01-2008, 14:10

No, the source is not open.

By [D-Tail]

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17-01-2008, 20:16

This must be me, but I don't see the additional value in this new language. Pretty much anything can be covered by C, and C even has the useful libraries that are absolutely necessary if you want to get to the bottom of your MSX... Don't get me wrong here, I support new initiatives and development in general, but this just seems a little too obsolete to me.

By Dinoneno

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17-01-2008, 20:41

Well, I can say about the additional value of ccz80 thet it's very simply, and simply means minor possibility of errors. I try program in other C compilers for Z80 and I found some problems (maybe I am a little clumsy oO ). So, I decided make this compiler and if there is some problem I can resolve it. Of course, I am comprometed to solve any problem in this compiler, if my word is valid Smile ).
The first step to use ccz80 in MSX is to make a good library of funcions. Unfortunately I don't know nothing about MSX and I hope someone help me.

By Sonic_aka_T

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17-01-2008, 20:46

I wouldn't mind writing a few small routines. I don't have time to do major stuff, but perhaps I could do some VDP routines or something. Mind you, I don't know anything about C so you'd have to explain how exactly you'd want the input and output from the routines...

By jannone

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18-01-2008, 05:25

That's a neat idea but... a project like this should really be open source.
Just imagine someone writing hundreds of lines of code in this new language, then suddenly the author loses interest in development, or even some disaster happens (e.g. the author's hard-disk gets trashed)... then what happens? Suddenly all of your programs written in said language become unsupported.
So, as much as I believe that you can solve any issues in the compiler, I don't feel exactly safe about writing programs for it.
That's only my opinion of course.
If you need any assistance, maybe I can help! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Dinoneno

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18-01-2008, 07:36

Ok Sonic_aka_T, if you need help for know about the parameters and return value in funcionts, you can contact with me by e-mail or in the form (both en section Contact in my web). I will be happy for help you. Thanks for your interest.

By Dinoneno

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18-01-2008, 07:43

Well Jannone, I have the compromise for the maintenance of this compiler, It's a personal challenge for me. If any day I can't resolve a problem I will release the source, but at this moment I reserve this.

As I said, I could write a set of functions equivalent to MSX Basic commands and order, you can contact with my by e-mail or in ccz80 forum. Thanks.

By Manuel

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18-01-2008, 12:47

Dinoneno, for these kinds of projects it is often more attractrive for other developers to join it if it is open source, or at least if the full source is shared with the (potential) contributors. You don't like to submit to some 'black hole' :-)


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18-01-2008, 12:53

Dinoneno, can you post here some code comparison
eg an ASM result from a simple routine?
Just to see how are performances of your compiler.
Keep in mind that many good C cross compilers are available for z80
and some of them have full msx support already.

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