is this game possible to do on MSX ?

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By Huey

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17-01-2011, 15:39

Here there is your Missile Game 3d already code in z80 ASM (for TI calulators) - Look also at GIF in the file!

Yes! it can be done!
It is a matter of scaling resolutions (maybe passing to tile based modes) but it can work.
Who wants to port it?

Hmm. At what CPU frequency did that TI work again? ;)

TI-83 -> 6MHz
TI-84 -> 15 MHz


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17-01-2011, 17:09

On standard msx, in tilemode (say screen3), we have a much lower resoution.
probably it could work fine even at 3.5MHz

By MäSäXi

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18-01-2011, 10:04

Elite´s docking sequence instantly came to my mind. :) Even it is not a long lasting event.

Which one is faster, SCREEN 3 or SCREEN 1, when doing the same 4x4 pixel graphics? Is there any speed difference for using SCREEN 0? (monochrome graphics)

By Leo

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18-01-2011, 12:07

i remember a demo back in 1989-1990 of a cartoon sequence lasting few seconds a looping back in screen 0 , hi res mode .
it was one dinaosaurus catching a flying dino and waving it around.
I alsways wondered if the guy who did it hadsome tool to convert bmp to screen 0.
i can imagine a bmp converted into screen 2 (tiles) and then screen 0 , but it must be long.

By commodorejohn

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18-01-2011, 14:36

Which one is faster, SCREEN 3 or SCREEN 1, when doing the same 4x4 pixel graphics? Is there any speed difference for using SCREEN 0? (monochrome graphics)
Depends on how you arrange it. If you pick four colors for the screen, you can set up a screen 3 pattern table that gives you all possible combinations in those four colors, so that each group of four "large pixels" can be set by writing a single byte to the name table - that's just as fast as screen 1 and more flexible. Otherwise, you could set up a name table that provides a full-screen "large pixel" bitmap in screen 3 - that's going to be slower, but then you can use all 16 colors anywhere you please.

By Lord_Zett

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18-01-2011, 15:07

use screen4

got around 100 pages to use. you can draw on those all animations

By Leo

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18-01-2011, 16:30

let s put some numbers for screen 1:
- the screen witdth is 256 , so there is at most 128 circles possible from center .
- lets assume the tunnel is made of 3 circles , so we need 3 circles to be drawed at once with one charcter set
- then we need 128/3 = 43 character set
- the circle that consumes the more tiles is the one with radius = 96 , between 96 and 128 the circle is cut up and/or down.
- i have done a little proggy that pset/draw circles in screen 1 , it checks if the x,y location has a tile # > 0 if not it creates a new tile in the
limit of 255.
- so i know how much tiles , a circle of a given radius takes, the circle of radius 96 , takes 91 tiles.

apparently we running out of space with increments of 1 in the circles, since we then need to able to shift the circles center .
i think an incement of 3 or 4 if feasible. it wont be that smooth.


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18-01-2011, 17:37

Of course it could be done, don't be childish. It's just matter of what kind of algorithms you use. Should not be too hard with some precalc.

Check out Rappio @ ~2:45

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