is this game possible to do on MSX ?

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By Daemos

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18-01-2011, 18:33

I am not far enough into coding to tell you wether this is possible or not but I did read this article once:

I have no clue if anyone ever tried this but there is however a doom port made on the ZX spectrum. If such things are possible most propably the missile game would be possible too on MSX.

From what I see on youtube the framrates are not perfect but certainly not impossible to play.

By hap

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18-01-2011, 18:59

apparently we running out of space with increments of 1 in the circles, since we then need to able to shift the circles center .
i think an incement of 3 or 4 if feasible. it wont be that smooth.
Don't worry, once you actually start developing and focus your mind on it, you'll come up with all sorts of tricks to make smooth gameplay possible. If you're gonna do it, good luck! =) When the game is in beta stage, I suppose you could ask around for a musician to add a fitting background tune.


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18-01-2011, 21:03

Try screen4. You can use in this way 3 tilesets for the 3 parts of the screen.
This will partially solve the problem, as the 3 tilesets will cover different parts of the circles needed for the tunnel

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