Cyrillic fonts on MSX1

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By Parn

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07-06-2022, 15:50

treblig wrote:

@sdsnatcher73 As far as I know, one cannot bsave or bload directly from and to VRAM on an MSX1.

You can BSAVE or BLOAD directly from or to VRAM on an MSX1, you just need a disk interface.

By treblig

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07-06-2022, 21:59

Holding down the [code] key didn't do the trick unfortunately. The keys are not mapped to the Cyrillic characters as they are on Russian machines. The Cyrillic characters are scattered all over the place between [graph] [code] and some characters cannot be found (by me).

Maybe I should look for a real Russian MSX. I guess these machines, in good cosmetic condition, are rare.

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