Dump screen 2 to cassette on MSX1

By blake

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13-06-2021, 18:10

I'd like to dump my drawings made in screen 2 on cassette. I have a Canon V-20 MSX. I think it should be something like
BSAVE "cas:filename.sc2",0,&H3FFF,S
but I saw that the ,S option is only available for disks, not for cassettes. Is there another way to dump and load video memory to/from cassette? It would be a bummer if I cannot store the drawings somehow, other than taking a picture from the TV Sad

PS: With openMSX, running a MSX2 machine with floppy, the above mentioned BSAVE command works, although I'm not sure if I have the correct memory addresses. I guessed a block of 16kB (&H0000-&H3FFF) since that is what the Canon V-20 has.

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By Jipe

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13-06-2021, 18:24

in theory copy the VRAM in the RAM in M.L. and save with a BSAVE
for loading BLOAD in RAM and copy to the VRAM
do you use a program for making the drawing ?

i found a book:


By Pencioner

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13-06-2021, 18:48

You can run your Casio with added external floppy disk if in doubt, though, the first 16K should be correct because on screens 0-3 even on MSX2 it wouldn't use other addresses

By blake

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25-06-2021, 14:14

With the help of the book "MSX made simple" by Margaret Norman, I was able to program methods for reading/writing screen 2 dumps to cassette. Thank you @Jipe for the great tip!

By blake

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25-06-2021, 14:16

By the way, I bought the book. It is still available as epub (PDF).