BlueMsxLauncher - OpenMsxLauncher

By giuseve

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18-07-2020, 19:29

@oelsha 6 years ago finished the development of this 2 wonderful launchers.
Considering the actuals high resolution of LCD, it would be nice to have an update of both of them or, at least, a trick to double the size of their windows.

Do anyone know if it is possible?

Regards !

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By oelsha

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19-07-2020, 23:53

@giuseve actually I released updates for openMSX Launcher in the last few years including one last month.
Now I happen to be working on a new launcher for openMSX. The project is just an attempt for me to learn a new technology. I am using Electron for the development, and it is a framework that allows for the development of cross-platform desktop application using web technologies (Node js, HTML, CSS, etc.). It is still in early stages of development though. In the prototype that I have now you can maximize the window, so I think that's what you're asking for. When I have a version that is good enough to use, I'll let you know.

By giuseve

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23-07-2020, 21:34

@oelsha Great news and happy to see you again!!
I have to admit that I use bluemsx because i find it easier to use.
Anyway, I think that if there will be an option like the FILL DB of bluemsx launcher to create entries automatically it would be great.
The same is for drag-&-drop function to add a rom to a DB.
Obviously if you will need an italian translation for your new adventure, I will be very happy to do this.


By Manuel

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24-07-2020, 00:42

If you need help or have tips for us to make openMSX easier to use, please tell us Smile