A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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By SwissPanasonic

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11-09-2022, 16:19

Few Link for following new

It is very clear to me that I will support and purchase the MSX3 and the various Hardware and Peripherals.
But rather what was expected a little after a complete system with keyboard or separate keyboard. I hope in the first half of 2023. It seems difficult to me this year because it is already September. I welcome new software and the download system for old software MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX Turbo-R.
I hope we can subscribe and download Project-Egg from Europe. Do you think the system will have an HDMI connection? (TV etc.)
Exciting MSX3 project and hooe soon MSX3 new logo.

By sdsnatcher73

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11-09-2022, 19:02

I think indeed HDMI will be present, previously 2K and 4K were mentioned as output resolution.

By Hydragon

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12-09-2022, 11:35

Just reading back and all, regarding pricing and so on and the specifications, nice it will have "MSX3" slapped on it, but is it really still an MSX just because it gets a label saying so? For me personally it doesn't feel like the good ol' MSX anymore.

Like some also mentioned, the V9990 not much developed for this, same for TR, how much is still being developed for those beasts? It's mostly MSX1 these days you see some stuff being released and sometimes MSX2 hits the spotlight, but that's about it.

So no I'm not convinced at all for this MSX3 project, it would become a machien that would mostly be gathering dust since nothing really will be developed for it.

It kinda feels like a reboot of a reboot of a movie, the remakes suck, but they do it anyways, just to make some money of it and to keep the franchise going.

By gdx

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12-09-2022, 11:51

If the MSX3 had been released as expected and other versions would have followed, no one knows what would have happened. Maybe something like the new MSX3, maybe something very different from MSXs of the time, or the standard would have been discontinued anyway. I say that because a lot of time has passed since then.

Mr. Nishi tries to make a mix between MSX and something else. Let's wait and see what it becomes.

By Hydrae

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14-09-2022, 12:30

The whole concept and ideas of a new MSX3 system is really wonderful! Arguably too late in history, but better late than never. Nishi's plans and dreams for MSX3 are exciting and it makes me think about new features as well.

The big question that rises, will there be a market for this machine or platform? Much details are missing or still unclear, and I can only hope the confusion won't drive away people.

What we do know is that MSX3 will be totally different. Maybe Nishi should not call it MSX3 because it's (from what I understand) basically a Linux SoC machine with only integrated MSX-BASIC and a compiler. Putting MSX sticker on a machine that it isn't feels strange to me. Maybe a name like "MSX NewConcept" would have suited better. Or just "NewConceptMachine" (NCM). I do like the integration with MSX Market to easily download software from others and the interconnection with MSX0, an IoT system.

At this point I'm mostly worried. Nishi doesn't seem to have any backing from a large manufacturer or software firm. Maybe a Kickstarter project could be helpful to test the water among fans. Also hiring a media consultant to assist in conveying his thoughts and plans into clear English will definitely help. So I have the same hesitation like others in this thread as well.

By aoineko

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14-09-2022, 14:05

Personally, I would be very disappointed if the MSX3 loses the direct link with the hardware that makes MSX so interesting for me. Being able to program in assembler and have access to the hardware is very formative and fun imo.
But first, I know that not everyone will agree, but I find that having an FPGA has less flavor than the multitude of chips and their own physical reality (which is not 100% in an emulation).
But above all, if the Linux layer is necessary to access the hardware, it will have no interest for me. If I want a software emulator, there are already many good ones on PC.
I'm waiting to see what place the Linux layer will take but the fact that Nishi wants us to progressively abandon the assembler doesn't make me optimistic at all.
On the other hand, event if I have little hope that the machine will interest me to develop on it, I find a particular interest in it that makes it aptly named: it could allow to significantly increase the MSX turbo R + V9990 machine park... which was to be the MSX3. So it could become more interesting to create games for this support.

By Nitrowing

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14-09-2022, 16:26

As a Spectrum Next owner, I can see the downside of producing a modern MSX.
The Next benefitted from having one of the original case designers to produce a new one that sits comfortably alongside the old Spectrums.
However, the simplicity of just plugging it in and loading software has been marred by firmware & software updates (along with a newer version of the computer, with slightly altered hardware). Ok, it's great that the machine is being developed but messing around with updates is... unwelcome.

By Pac

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21-09-2022, 20:18

New official MSX3 logo. Those thin MSX letters don't look nice at all. Crying


By wimpie3

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21-09-2022, 20:29

As a designer, this logo makes me want to puke. SO many things are wrong with it. Who designed this monster?

By enribar

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21-09-2022, 21:59

It's as thin as a PSP logo... I only hope it's a try...
So the criticized KdL's MSX3 logo for the OCM is way better than this!

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