Any MSX games/utilities oriented for really small kids (2-3 years old) ?

By friguron

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13-05-2019, 18:40

Hi all

I'm starting to play with my little nephew and I wanted to expose her to some MSX stuff (nothing too ambitious), so I started to look for a selection of kid games for her...
And suddenly I came across this thought:

1.- I can't remember any MSX game (or application) with easy difficulty levels, oriented for kids 2-3 years old. Maybe these 2-3 year old kids were never the intended target of games (of course)... But even though, the "slowest" Konami tempoed games are devilish difficult and quick. (The easiest games tested with her have been, monkey academy, athletic land, magical tree, ...)
2.- I can't remember any MSX game (or application) with a sandbox mindset, where kids can manipulate stuff on screen, with no time limit so they can enjoy it for as long as they want.

Do you people know any MSX material oriented for these ages (2-3 years old) falling into the above categories?
(Point 1 would be nice, point 2 would also be nice, but both points at the same time would be more than ok).

Thanks and greetings.

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By Jipe

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13-05-2019, 19:17

Anaya Games

By ray2day

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13-05-2019, 19:40

What comes in my mind is the 2008 MSX entry; Peek a Boo

By Randam

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13-05-2019, 20:12

For the two categories of games/ applications:

Links are just to have further info on generation msx unless it is a game that is made available for download by the makers

1. easy difficulty
- Peek-a-boo (peek a boo game with Elmo from Sesame street:
- Konami Game Collection Extra has a memory game with Konami cartridges:
- moving squares (if there were puzzles with low number of tiles)
- confused when you set it to low number of puzzle tiles
- Pooyan but probably on the too hard side
- Thunderball (pinball machine which lets you edit stuff, so you can set it up so the ball can't leave the pinball machine)
- The disc stations have many small games that might qualify to an extent, like Jump hero (29-2 and 32-1) and Maze runner (27-2) and such but kinda hard to think up al those smaller games.
- Greatest Driver 2D; don't confuse it with the regular game Greatest Driver.
It is probably on this T&E Magazine disk special or otherwise number 2
- Niko2 might just be funny to play (actual winning is hard but harder to notice)

2. sandbox games; can't really think of something now but perhaps these fall into the category somewhat:
- Weird one to name but The Tower of Cabin has some nice mini games like a really nice top down racing game, a simple fighting game, a puzzle game, and stuff like that. Only downside is that you need to unlock those first
- Dragonslayer 4 if you let him play with Pochi (the little dragon) seeing he is invulnerable to monsters

And lastly something that popped into my mind: trained games. Not something I normally like, but perhaps it is fun for a 2-3 year old to experience a game without having to worry about dying in the game.