The Cartridge-Only philosophising

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By sd_snatcher

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14-12-2015, 23:16

BTW, releasing the game on GOG could be a really nice idea to allow you to reach a broader public. They have many MS-DOS emulated games there, so why not an MSX emulated game? Keep this as a suggestion, plz.

You probably would have to replace the controversial tiles, but maybe it is worth the effort. Smile

By mars2000you

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14-12-2015, 23:23

So, the list of people who want a digital version of Life On Mars is at this moment as following :

Kai Life on Mars2000 ! digi-buy pledges list:
01 hap
02 mars2000you
03 guiseve
04 mtn
05 turbor
06 sd_snatcher

That's a good start, but we need more real Kai Magazine supporters interested by a digital release Smile

By Kai Magazine

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14-12-2015, 23:35

Hello mtn, you are totally right. That is why I posted just before you (my post is just above yours) that I published this experiment in the main thread of "life on mars" news. It cannot get any more visible than there. I want to play fair Smile

Thank you for pointing that anyway.

By Kai Magazine

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14-12-2015, 23:42

Ren, it is a very nice idea, but would not be easier to just sell the games on micro-SD cards for Manuel Pazos megaflashrom scc+ sd, and on SD cards for Eric Boez sd readers (among others), having the cards ready to boot the game once inserted in said cartridges?
Therefore there is no need to invent new hardware at all, and the cartridge developers could recieve a boost in the sales of their micro-sd / sd readers for msx?
But that could destroy megarom developers who count on us to generate a very needed and beloved product such as the megarom cartridges... I do not know... everything has its pros and its cons.
That is why I limited the digital sale to 20, and only if it gets to 20. I do not want to destroy anyone's business either...

By Kai Magazine

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14-12-2015, 23:48

sd_snatcher wrote:

Please add me to the list for the digital versions of "Life on Mars", and the "Illusion City Demo".

But since they're digital, I want the release with everything on top, with all goodies included like the digital games on GOG, or the releases on the MSXdev. That means, if possible: Big smile

- A copy of the game
- Manual and covers in PDF format
- Soundtrack in some standard format, like KSS, VGM,
MBM, MFM, or whatever
- Wallpapers?

Sure, all our digital releases include:
-manual in pdf format
-box in PNG format (in case you want to print it yourself or by a professional one day)
-Cartridge label on PNG format (for the same reason)
-Wallpapers/posters on PNG format if you want (we have plenty of high resolution artwork of all our games)

What we do not have is the soundtrack, but it is not a bad idea. If wehave time we will create it and include it, why not.

By ren

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15-12-2015, 00:15

@Kai That could be possible / would be easier of course, but I figured part of releasing / the enjoyment of a product is the physical aspect. And I figure a microSD is is simply too small to enjoy, thus I thought of something that could be a nice trade-off between various aspects.
A BeeCard sized medium still has room for a respectable sized label IMO, and still feels like 'something'. A microSD not so of course.. Smile

But, multiple formats (/different target audience and pricetags) could always be a possibility of course.. Smile

As far as the rest of your message.. Considerate, but feels a little bit like over-thinking things to me.. (And the same developers you mention could have an (essential) role/part in such a new format.)

By Kai Magazine

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15-12-2015, 00:23

Ren, you are right about the label and the "feeling" of having that kind of cartridge in your hands (I love nintendo DS/3ds cartridges) so I understand what you are saying.
I am not against it, but having megaroms and card readers, it is unlikely someone will risk a lot of money on trying to develope and standarize a new cartridge to read yet another new small cartridge, which also has to be designed and mass produced, and standarized.
It is a very nice idea, but unlikely to happen (IMHO)

By mfeingol

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15-12-2015, 00:55

One thing I haven't seen mentioned on this thread so far is demos.

Due to real-life responsibilities, I'm a very casual user when it comes to playing MSX games these days. But I do read, and my reaction to new releases is often something like...

1. That looks really cool.
2. Nicely done, still-active-developer. I admire you.
3. Screenshots look good, what about scrolling / movement / playability...?
4. Ah, and it's $40 for the cartridge. Not unreasonable for a really good game.
5. But hmm, would I actually play it? Or would I just fire up Aleste or Daiva V instead, that one time a week when I kick back and play a video game?

Speaking for myself, I think being able to download a demo ROM and play, say, the first level would help me get off the fence.

As for cartridges vs. digital goods... As a pure consumer I guess I'd want the option to purchase either. I do like physical cartridges for nostalgic reasons, like many here. However, I might purchase a ROM if there were a discount involved, especially since it would save on shipping costs.

By gdx

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15-12-2015, 01:08

An MSX user is simply a person which uses MSX software and/or hardware.

Why not sell the cartridges at first then the digital version later when sales languish?

By iamweasel2

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15-12-2015, 01:50

I don't know how things are in Spain, but I'll explain how things are in Brazil: house prices are way too high here. People buy apartments (with 30 years bank loans), and they are 50-70 square meters most of the time. Houses are cheaper (and have more space) but there's a reason for that: Brazil has a big problem with violence, so if you don't want to have your things stollen or your family hurt, better buy an apartment. You won't be completely safe but it will be safer than a house, that's for sure.

50-70 square meters may sound good if you are single, but when you have wife and kids, it is not much space, believe me. I used to have a large number of DVDs, CDs, books, magazines and of course MSX stuff. I gave away / sold most of my books, CDs and DVDs and old hardware when I got married and had to move to my new place. I replaced most of these stuff by digital copies, only to save some more space for my (really small) collection of MSX and Atari 2600 hardware and cartridges. I used to have SNES and other videogames as well, I don't have anymore. So it's not that I don't buy cartridges anymore, but since I don't have space for all the things I want, I need to choose what I will buy, after all, there's no magic when you don't have much space: If something goes in, something has to leave.

I don't understand also why is so hard to believe that some people have their MSXs in a storage, in their parents house or maybe stored in their boxes in his home. To those people it is much easier to run an emulator than to go for all the trouble of setting it up just to, after using it, having to pack it all again. I turn on my real MSX machines from time to time, but most of the time I use openMSX. And I didn't mention that, if you are coding something, there's no way you can compare using an emulator against using the real machine. If I'm no longer a "real" msx user just because I prefer to use an emulator when I'm coding MSX software or doing tests, so be it. I'm getting too old to discuss things like that.

MrSpock wrote:

* Not being able to play some games: Yes, sure that cartridges prevent some people playing some games. Because of the price (they are not so expensive though), because of the lack of space (seriously? I cannot believe that, but maybe here in Spain we all have huge houses because of our excellent economy... my cartridges fit in my small house), because of shipping costs (that's the only believable explanation I've heard, to be honest) or because they don't have an MSX (I neither have a Sega Genesis and I don't complain if I can't play new cartridge releases for that console in my emulator). But if you can't have a game because of whatever, sorry to say, deal with it. I'd like to have a Ferrari, but I can't pay for it and I'm not asking to Ferrari workers to send one to me for free.

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